Eeyore (and girlfriend) come to Rome

VATICAN CITY — Popes often receive unusual gifts, and today Pope Francis was given Thea and Noah — two Italian donkeys.

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Pope Francis received two donkeys at the Vatican Dec. 3, 2014 from the founder of Eurolactis, a European cooperative that supplies donkey’s milk. (CNS photo courtesy of Eurolactis via Osservatore Romano).

Eurolactis, a European cooperative that produces donkey’s milk, donated the donkeys to the pope today when the company’s founder, Pierluigi Orunesu, met with the pope during his Wednesday general audience.

In addition to its “cosmetic benefits,” donkey’s milk is used to feed children, newborns and premature infants who are allergic or intolerant to cow’s milk because it is easier to digest and rich in nutrients.

That is why Eurolactis also donated 21 gallons of donkey’s milk to the pope’s own pediatric hospital, Bambino Gesu.

According to Orunescu,  Pope Francis told him that he was fed donkey’s milk as a child!

Eurolactis says that Thea and Noah will head off to the papal farm in Castel Gandolfo, which might mean donkey’s milk could someday be added to the papal menu?


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2 Responses to Eeyore (and girlfriend) come to Rome

  1. Mary Yagetinag says:

    I’m bless , this side of the world to know some hidden truth . Because we don’t have goats on our small island . Praise Pope Francis Amen ☆ ☆ ☆

  2. elizabeth lash says:

    American hospitals need to take heed. for so many premenies, instead of mixed chemicals

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