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Pope Francis flexes his Hebrew, wishing the world’s Jews Happy New Year.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis claims he isn’t much of a polyglot, but apparently he had no problem giving new year’s greetings in Hebrew. In a meeting yesterday with a delegation from the World Jewish Congress, the pope wished its … Continue reading

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Look what a flurry of letters to the pope may get you

VATICAN CITY — As Pope Francis gears up to go to Brazil next week, a bit of Brazil showed up on his doorstep this morning. Leandro Martins from Porto Alegre rode into the Vatican by bicycle today on a much … Continue reading

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CNS intern reflects on her time in Rome

By Clare Myers VATICAN CITY — It was nearly 100 degrees outside, the bus was overflowing with people, and I was late. I had just come from running errands and I was squeezing in meeting up with a friend in … Continue reading

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Prophecy of the popes

By Lauren Colegrove Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY– While many people are making conjectures about the future in order to anticipate who will be the next pope, others are looking back to the writings of a 12th century Irish bishop to … Continue reading

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Vatican promotes science festival

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican’s Council for Culture is promoting its first science festival, which will be held in Owerri, Nigeria, this Friday to May 2. The aim of the festival is to open up young people, families, and adults … Continue reading

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Vatican to boycott — or not?

ROME  — That is the question vexing many Hollywood film reporters these days: What will the Vatican do now that the prequel to the controversial “The Da Vinci Code” is set to hit theaters next month? Headlines here and there have been claiming … Continue reading

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Heads up! Spiking in St. Peter’s Square

VATICAN CITY — It’s not very often that St. Peter’s Square is turned into a hoops court or a soccer field. But on rare occasions the world of sports comes to the See of Peter. Tomorrow, 300 children will be digging, setting and spiking … Continue reading

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