Most-viewed CNS stories for October

Our most-viewed stories lists are always an interesting look at the issues that are at the top of our readers’ agendas, and October’s list is no exception. Did you miss seeing any of these? 1. New human body disposal process raises alarms (Oct. 24) 2. Muslim convert to Catholicism tells pope Islam is not inherently […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for September

The beginning of a new month means it’s time to look at the most-viewed CNS stories during September. As regular readers of these posts know, stories involving the liturgy usually get the most circulation, and this month is no exception (see Nos. 2, 5 and 7 below). But there’s also an interesting mix of stories […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for August

Who says August is a dead month for news? Here’s the list of our most popular stories for August from our main Web site,, with links in case you missed any of them. You’ll see that political issues dominated the bottom half of this most-viewed list, while No. 3 through No. 6 and No. 10 attest […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for July

Here’s our latest list of top 10 stories viewed in July on our main Web site,, with links in case you missed any of them: 1. On 40th anniversary, ‘Humanae Vitae’ starts to gain more attention (July 18). 2. Contraceptives affect environment too, water expert tells conference (July 28). 3. Ten texts help crack pope’s […]

Looking at our most-viewed stories last month

I’m always intrigued by our monthly look at the most-viewed stories on our Web site,, because it represents what our readers are paying attention to — whether we like it or not. Journalists often have their own ideas for what is important, but stats like these remind us that readers sometimes have different thoughts. […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for April

In a month that included the historic visit to the United States by Pope Benedict, it figures that the most-viewed story on our home page for April would instead be about liturgical renewal. Bloggers and others are passionate about issues surrounding the liturgy, and their links to stories like these always have an affect on […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for March

Did you miss any of these? Here’s a list of most-viewed stories for March on our public site, 1. St. Patrick’s Day falling during Holy Week prompts parade dilemma. 2. Maryland couple hopes son’s medical case will help Toussaint’s cause. 3. Vatican spokesman calls rumors of rehabilitation of Luther groundless. 4. Vatican statement on […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for February

Did you miss any of these? Here’s a list of most-viewed stories for February on our public site, 1. Vatican official: Church should reconsider Communion in the hand 2. Pope OKs plenary indulgence for Lourdes’ 150th anniversary 3. Catholic school closures, vouchers are in the national spotlight 4. Pope reduces waiting period for sainthood […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for January

Did you miss any of these? Here’s a list of most-viewed stories for January on our public site, 1. Bishop says Catholics should kneel, receive Communion on tongue 2. Bishop warns Catholics to avoid services started by Life Teen founder 3. Vatican official says pope does not want to abandon liturgical reform 4. Italian […]

Most popular CNS video stories in 2016

By Jim Lackey It’s the end of the year and, like it or not, you’re getting flooded with top story picks for 2016. We’ll make this easy on you: These are the top 12 most-viewed video stories on our YouTube channel for the past 12 months. Skim through these and see if you missed seeing […]