‘My mom’s a saint’ tops most-viewed stories for September

One of our favorite stories last month was also one of yours: our feature on Laura Molla, whose mother is a saint — not just the “my mom’s a saint” kind of saint, but a real, official, declared-by-the-church saint. Medjugorje, Ted Kennedy’s funeral, health care and sex were also popular topics for our readers during […]

Most-viewed in August — sin and confession?

Sin and confession (see below) were two big topics in August, at least according to our monthly list of most-viewed stories. Vatican denials of rumored changes in the church — Nos. 5 and 8 below — were also big (it was, after all, ferragosto, when not much else happens in Rome). Skim this list to […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for July

Eclectic? I suppose that would be one word to describe our most-viewed-stories list for the month that just ended. Among other things, it was a month when Pope Benedict XVI issued a historic encyclical — and yet our many stories on it didn’t crack our Top 10! But what does seem to matter for our […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for June

Our Web stats always fascinate. They remind us of stories that were exclusive to us or items that touch our readers. So without further ado here is our list of most-viewed stories for June. Perhaps most fascinating is No. 9, a three-month-old story that many people must have missed the first time around. 1. Pope […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for May

Here’s our list for May. In a month when the pope makes a historic visit to the Holy Land, few of our stories made this list. Lesson? Stories that are exclusive to us are some of the ones getting the most views (and links from outside). That said, make sure you skim this list to […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for March

Here’s our monthly list of most viewed stories on http://www.catholicnews.com during March, in case you missed any of them: 1. Pope declares year of the priest to inspire spiritual perfection (March 16) 2. Bishops urge Catholics to reject bill giving laity parish fiscal rule (March 9) 3. Do not mock the pope, Italian cardinal and […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for February

Better late than never, here’s our monthly list of most viewed stories on http://www.catholicnews.com during February, in case you missed any of them: 1. Theologian’s criticism of pope draws Vatican response (Feb. 26) 2. Pope cautions against destructive polemics in the church (Feb. 23) 3. Spokesman: News that founder fathered child causes Legionaries pain (Feb. […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for January

Here’s our monthly list of most viewed stories on http://www.catholicnews.com for January, in case you missed any of them: 1. Vatican report: Most U.S. seminaries are generally healthy (Jan. 14) 2. Beyond the veil: Debate continues on why number of nuns is declining (Jan. 9) 3. Pope cautions tribunals against granting annulments too easily (Jan. […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for December — and one film review

This monthly list typically is just about CNS news stories. But for December there’s one exception not included below: If this list included film reviews, the movie “Doubt” would also be here in the top 10. And since the review was released on Dec. 12, before many people knew that the subject of the story […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for November

Would it surprise you that the majority of our most-viewed stories for November on our public Web site, catholicnews.com, were on the results of the presidential election? No, I didn’t think so. 1. Obama phones pope to thank him for congratulatory message (Nov. 12) 2. Pope sends congratulatory message to Obama (Nov. 5) 3. Bishops […]