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Catholic education, charities benefit from the Philanthropy 50

The Chronicle of Philanthropy this month focus on the most generous donors in America with short descriptions of the top 50 givers. The total the Philanthropy 50 gave in 2015 was an impressive $7 billion with the median gift being $91.1 … Continue reading

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Catholic colleges, universities make top 100 of Kiplinger’s best bang for the buck

Kiplinger announced its annual Top College Value ranking of U.S. colleges and universities where students get the best payoff for the investment they make in four years of tuition and other costs. Kiplinger bases the ranking on a combination of quality of education (55%) … Continue reading

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Saving the children of Syria’s war

There are many tragedies in any war, but none are harder to watch than the suffering of children. Syria’s civil war is no exception. Hundreds of children have been killed and thousands more displaced in refugee camps with poor food … Continue reading

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Keeping the faith on campus takes work

Last week a colleague here at Catholic News Service took his older boy off to college for the first time. It was an emotional time for him and his wife, but a time of great joy and anticipation for their … Continue reading

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Fifty years ago a mad March Miracle for college hoops

Last week and this mark two of America’s great national obsessions: baseball’s Opening Day and college basketball’s Final Four. Seasons in North America — and just about everywhere — are marked as much by the hallmarks of sports as by … Continue reading

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Catholic campuses home to 11 of world’s most beautiful college chapels, churches

This month Best College Reviews released a ranked list of what it says are the 30 most beautiful college chapels and cathedrals in the world. Of the Catholic worship spaces, six are in the U.S. and five are located on … Continue reading

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Bombay Archdiocese launches campaign to stop violence against women

Violence against women in India has been going on for centuries, but recently it seems as if it has reached a tipping point with the news of the terrible gang rapes of several young women. People and institutions across India … Continue reading

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