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Vatican City turns 80

VATICAN CITY — When I told my mother yesterday that I attended an exhibit at the Vatican commemorating Vatican City State’s 80th anniversary, her response echoed many others: “The Vatican is only 80 years old? Hasn’t it been around forever?” In a sense, she’s right. St. Peter … Continue reading

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A first-timer at the Vatican press office

VATICAN CITY — In my third week as an intern with Catholic News Service’s Rome bureau, I have many new and exciting experiences to recount. I’ve learned more in this short time than I could have ever imagined, due to the hands-on … Continue reading

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The papal general audience gone wild

VATICAN CITY — Yesterday I attended my first ever papal general audience, which takes place every Wednesday morning at 10:30 in the Vatican audience hall (during the winter, but in the spring and summer it’s in St. Peter’s Square). It was … Continue reading

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