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Waiting in Gaza, still hoping for permits

JERUSALEM — Since the announcement of the pope’s pilgrimage was made, local church organizers have said they would request some 250 travel permits from the Israel Civil Administration for Gaza Christians to participate in the Bethlehem Mass May 13. The … Continue reading

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Force of 80,000 to provide papal security in Israel

JERUSALEM (CNS) — An 80,000-person security force will provide security for the pope while he is in Israel, said an Israeli police spokesman. On a daily basis there will be 30,000 police officers, undercover agents, and private security officers working, … Continue reading

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For U.S. Franciscans, Holy Land visit brings hope

JERUSALEM — About a month before their religious order’s 800th anniversary celebrations, some U.S. Franciscans visited the Holy Land. The weeklong peace pilgrimage proved to be a reminder their founder, St. Francis of Assisi. The order is no stranger to the Holy Land.  St. Francis visited … Continue reading

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Letter from Jerusalem: Staying safe in an all-out war

JERUSALEM — “Please don’t go down south. It is not safe there,” my friend in Gaza urged me when I called him to say I would be joining an organized press tour of the Israeli border with Gaza. The irony … Continue reading

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Where am I and what time is it?!

JERUSALEM — It is that time of the year when things start getting complicated for those of us who are mathematically challenged — when something as simple as setting up an appointment in Bethlehem can take four phone calls and … Continue reading

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Glass half full: Could Holy Land water crisis unify?

JERUSALEM — How many times a day do you flush the toilet? How often do you get your car washed? Do you turn the faucet off when you soap up your hands? For most people in Western countries these things … Continue reading

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For many in Jerusalem, Bush means traffic

JERUSALEM — President George W. Bush is back in town. For the second time. I hear the helicopters announcing the U.S. president’s arrival to Jerusalem overhead as I type. He is meeting with Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister … Continue reading

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