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Dream on

My colleague, CNS international editor Barb Fraze, blogged last month about papal-visit nightmares before the trip. As a stringer covering the New York lap of the visit, I too had a couple of unexpected dreams related to missed press buses. Now, … Continue reading

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Keystone cops and men in black

Movement of the press corps from the media center at the Sheraton Hotel on 7th Avenue at 53rd Street has been a mind-boggling exercise in the art of well-supervised hurry-up-and-wait. Few would quibble with the need for security with the pope … Continue reading

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It’s good to be polite

Yesterday, I brought my trusty point-and-shoot film camera to church. I was sitting on a folding chair behind the last pew at St. Joseph’s with a gaggle of antsy New Yawk print media. For hours.  But I managed to get the … Continue reading

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Uplifted voices

At the ecumenical service at St. Joseph’s Church yesterday, the congregation actually sang out loud. And they were good! I couldn’t help wondering if this was attributable to the preponderance of non-Catholics in the group?! And the hats – did … Continue reading

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Only in New York

You get used to seeing and hearing all sorts of potentially contradictory, cross-cultural things in New York. Yesterday, while the press was cooling its heels on one of the buses near St. Joseph’s Church, waiting for the Secret Service to … Continue reading

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