Miss any of these? Most-viewed CNS stories for August.

Quite a variety of August stories made our Top 10 list for last month. Let’s get right to it: 1. New York mosque controversy echoes anti-Catholicism of another era (Aug. 20) 2. Use of new Roman Missal to begin in US at Advent 2011 (Aug. 20) 3. Papal Masses in Britain will use some new […]

Rome again tops monthly list of most-viewed CNS stories

Once again, stories from our Rome bureau and actions by the Vatican figured prominently in our monthly list of most-viewed stories for July on our public website, http://www.catholicnews.com.  I say our “public” site because, as many of you know, we also have a password-protected site for our clients, where they can download and publish any […]

Rome tops most-viewed CNS stories for June

If you’re a Catholic-news junkie, June was an interesting month. Some of its biggest stories occurred during its final three days, when several key Vatican appointments were announced, when a new Vatican agency for new evangelization was formed, when palliums were presented to new archbishops, and when a leading European cardinal was chastised. It was […]

Abuse fallout still among most-viewed stories for April

After the dominance of stories on sex abuse and health care in our last report on most-viewed stories for the preceding month, our report for April is a tiny bit more wide-ranging. But fallout from the abuse scandal still had a role — directly or indirectly — on eight of the 10 most-viewed stories for […]

Abuse issue, health care dominate most-viewed CNS stories for March

No surprise here: Stories on the sex abuse crisis in Europe and the health care debate and vote in Washington dominated our monthly list of most-viewed items for March on http://www.catholicnews.com: 1. Pope’s brother apologizes to abuse victims at his former school (March 10) 2. Abuse cases show need for greater women’s role, Vatican newspaper […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for February

Make sure you didn’t miss any of these stories from our monthly list of most-viewed items for February on http://www.catholicnews.com: 1. Vatican official says religious orders are in modern ‘crisis’ (Feb. 4) 2. Sainthood scoop: Book on the “real” John Paul II snubbed at Vatican (Feb. 12) 3. Bishop says Oregon hospital can no longer […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for January

Is it February already? Here’s our monthly most-viewed list for January, in case you missed any of these: 1. Pope John Paul practiced self-mortification, postulator confirms (Jan. 26) 2. Papal liturgist endorses ‘reform of the reform’ of the liturgy (Jan. 7) 3. Pope prays for victims of Haiti quake; archbishop’s body found (Jan. 13) 4. […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for December

An interesting mix of most-viewed stories for December on our main site, http://www.catholicnews.com — did you miss any of these? 1. ‘Not a shred of disagreement’ between CHA, bishops on health reform (Dec. 28) 2. English, Welsh bishops say Equality Bill redefines who can be priest (Dec. 9) 3. Health reform, Pope Benedict named top […]

Most-viewed CNS stories for November — bishops and extraterrestrials?

What do the U.S. bishops’ general meeting and extraterrestrial aliens have in common? Nothing really, except that they were four of our five most-viewed stories on our public Web site, catholicnews.com, in November. That the bishops’ meeting would be on our monthly top-10 list this time is no surprise. Extraterrestrials are on the list because […]

Rome dominates monthly most-viewed list

Stories out of Rome — from the new welcome mat for Anglicans, to the canonization of St. Damien, to Vatican reaction on the naming of a new Nobel Peace Prize winner — dominated our most-viewed stories for October. Here they are: 1. Pope establishes structure for Anglicans uniting with Rome (Oct. 20) 2. Vatican decision […]