In the midst of debate nastiness, a nun provides relief on Twitter

While some are letting out a sigh of relief that the last of the presidential debates — and the prime time nastiness that’s accompanied them — is over, part of me will miss the running debate commentary of @onegroovynun.

If there’s a tweet that describes how most voters feel this presidential election season, Sister Miriam James captured it here:

I first heard about her tweets from Michele Dunne, a lay Franciscan during a Washington reception. If I need a laugh and distraction from some of the particularly disagreeable language, egregious allegations and bitterness the election has sown, a quick glance at @onegroovynun and her, perhaps, unintentional Twitter ministry makes me smile, at least briefly.

Her low-budget cast of characters employs sidekick Sister Mary and various bobbleheads of saints of the pope to make her point.

Here are other goodies from her Twitter feed:

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