Picture-perfect St. Patrick now is in high school

By Jim Lackey

If you’ve visited our new website, you may have seen the cute promo pictured here for our saints section.

Yesterday we learned the backstory of the boy in the photo dressed as St. Patrick for an All Saints’ Day Mass.

  • Yes, his name also is Patrick, partly because he missed being born on St. Patrick’s Day by one day.
  • Yes, St. Patrick still is his favorite saint.
  • And yes, he’s still active in his Georgia parish.

Patrick Jackson’s backstory comes courtesy of The Georgia Bulletin, newspaper of the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Georgia Bulletin photographer Michael Alexander, who shot the photo of Patrick dressed as Patrick in 2006, caught up with young Patrick in time for St. Patrick’s Day last month.

And yesterday the paper tweeted about it:

Today, Patrick Jackson is a freshman at St. Pius X High School in Atlanta. He’s on the track team, he wrestles on the varsity squad,  he’s been involved in his parish altar server program since third grade, and he’s a lector at parish youth Masses.

There’s more fun stuff in Alexander’s story (such as how the young Patrick thought in kindergarten that, because of his first name, he was having two birthday parties on two consecutive days). Read the rest of Alexander’s account here.

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