Pope Francis’ top 10 secrets for living a holier life

VATICAN CITY — As children (and grown-ups) are getting ready for Halloween tonight, Pope Francis has spent the past week getting people ready for the feast of All Saints, celebrated Nov. 1.


A fresco of an angel by Melozzo of Forli is seen in the Vatican Museums in 2010. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

While the saints are meant to be role models for today’s men and women, the pope likes to remind people that holiness is not something completely out of reach — it’s not some “rare privilege for the few,” but an inheritance everyone receives at baptism.

The pope has said, “Saints aren’t superheroes nor were they born perfect. They are like us, each one of us,” but when they experienced the life-changing encounter with God, they never left his side.

So are you ready to be a saint!?

We’ve compiled some of Pope Francis’ Top 10 Secrets of Success for living a holy life in the slideshow below:

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  1. Prey for peace

  2. Reblogged this on Saint Mark the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church and commented:
    A fitting reflection for the feast of All Saints.

  3. I just wanted to say thank you.

  4. Thank you Pope Francis!

  5. Peace be with al followers of Christ

  6. thank you pope franis peace to all catholic people.

  7. I pray that I can follow your example when dealing with people. Your way is a way of peace and the way of the Gospel

  8. Number 11; for the sake of your sanity, ignore everything that comes out of this Pope’s mouth

  9. Pope Francis you are the greatest Pope ever. Thank you for all you have stood for and may all people of the world hear you.
    May Peace be with all

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