Vatican rule: “No Tweeting from synod hall”

VATICAN CITY — Many members of the Synod of Bishops have Twitter and other social media accounts. But they won’t be tweeting or posting from the synod hall.

Obviously, Pope Francis as the church’s chief legislator is free to ignore that rule given this morning by Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, general secretary of the synod. But he can also appeal to the fact that his @Pontifex tweets are posted from the Apostolic Palace and not the synod hall.

Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois of Paris (on Twitter @avingttrois), Cardinal Lluis Martinez Sistach of Barcelona (@sistachcardenal) and Cardinal Wilfrid Napier of Durban, South Africa (@CardinalNapier) all spoke at the synod this morning, but you would not know that from their Twitter feeds.

Cardinal Baldisseri made his announcement after the morning prayer and brief remarks by Pope Francis. A couple dozen photographers, camera operators and reporters are allowed into the synod hall each morning for the opening prayer. We were not told we couldn’t Tweet. So we did.


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2 Responses to Vatican rule: “No Tweeting from synod hall”

  1. cg says:

    Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    No Chirps, too?

  2. Duane Lamers says:

    There is real concern about the issue of divorce and remarriage, with cardinals and other bishops on both sides of it. The history of previous councils and synods suggests that the so-called “traditional” rule isn’t so longstanding after all.

    Scripture has Jesus saying “what therefore God has joined together . . . .” I’m surprised that nobody has offered this rejoinder:
    “How do we know that ‘God has joined together’ the couple in question? We can’t say that the mere recital of marriage vows indicates that ‘God has joined together’ because we have the annulment process which proves that this is not so.”

    These will be interesting times in the aula.

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