The World Cup becomes The Pope Cup

VATICAN CITY — The curiously apt World Cup final match between Argentina and Germany (plus a slowish news day) means Twitter is aflitter with funny memes and hashtags for #PopeCupSunday.


To add to the fun, we spent the morning on Photoshop airbrushing our vision of how #PopeVsPope will play out at the Vatican.


Check out below some other funnies we found online. What have been your favorites?  Feel free to post links in the comments below.












And our favorite:

“Clearly it will end 3-2 #Argentina…”




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7 Responses to The World Cup becomes The Pope Cup

  1. I am very loyal and praying for the Pope’s team to win. Guess which Pope

  2. i hope the best wins… for the sake of both Popes!!! an unforgettable world cup with/of two … Popes indeed! Let us pray…. for winners and losers alike. God bless them and keep all players from injury and harm, that they may always play fair in charity, solidarity and friendship: for world peace and harmony.

  3. Marius Kibiwott Bittok says:

    i hope #ARGENTINA will shine this time this because they have been having a consitence of good and impressive play

  4. Never shall it be said again, that Catholic’s do not have a great sense of humor ! Of course I am hoping the prayer of the older Pope Emeritus Benedict will prevail, sine I am a German living in Texas.

  5. mike blaise says:

    It wil al end in favour of d pope dat beard d name benedict xvi.

  6. Jim says:

    As the world watches soccer Christians in the middle east are being slaughtered. Most Christians have fled Syria and Iraq. The head of the Chaldean Catholic Church, Patriarch Louis Raphael I. Sato believes Christian life will come to and end in the region. The bishop begged attention from the western states who he said “find football more interesting than the situation here or in Syria.” And Cardinal Barbarin, the Primate of the Gauls:
    “The eradication of religious minorities is not, alas, a collateral damage of the insane strategy of the murderers: it is their declared goal,” says Cardinal Barbarin. And he adds, “Because these are men who are being murdered, in silence, between two waves of a Brazilian soccer stadium,” As American Christians continue to be sucked into a shallow world of sports, celebrity scandals, and political memes, we ignore where critical battles for peace and justice exist — in the Middle East, and other regions of the world, Who Cares about who is in the world cup and which Pope supports who? This is a distraction! It is minutia!

  7. QuePadre says:

    The everybody-wins score: Argentina 266 – Germany 265

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