Sister Cristina will face the final judgment… on The Voice



ROME — Regardless of all the jokes that voting for anyone other than #SuorCristina would incur excommunication, it seemed to be a given that Ursuline Sister Cristina Scuccia would make it to the finals of The Voice of Italy.

Even her Team J-Ax “opponent,” Dylan Magon, said in a behind-the-scenes preview that he was looking at the semi-finals show last night as his last hurrah.

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Sadly, Dylan and Sister Cristina — the two final contestants on J-Ax’s team — had been the targets of widespread and often vicious criticism on social media for weeks.

Racist comments were directed against 21-year-old Dylan who was born in Palermo, Sicily, and whose parents are from the island of Mauritius,  and “haters” looked at 25-year-old Sister Cristina’s continued presence on the show, not as a sign of her promising talent, but as a showbiz gimmick to pull in viewers.


On each show, J-Ax delivered a heartfelt appeal for people to rise above the prejudice and pettiness.

“I want to live in an Italy like this: where I — an atheist rapper, can showcase, with all due respect, a nun being embraced by an Italian with Mauritian roots. I want to live in this kind of Italy,” he said last night to great applause.


He also addressed criticism that Sister Cristina shouldn’t be wearing her habit on stage, but should assume a more “neutral” presence.

J-Ax condemned assertions that her religious dress was some kind of costume put on for show, and said it was an authentic part of her true and full identity.


“It’s like Superman,” whose pretend costume is the normal everyday clothing of Clark Kent, to blend in with the crowd and cover up his true super hero essence, J-Ax said.

Sister Cristina shouldn’t hide her true nature as a religious, was his message: “If  you want the voice, you have to take the whole package.”

jaxAn unexpected, but endearing part of that package has been her ability to make this tattooed rap star get teary-eyed every time she sings.

He said on a talk show this week that Sister Cristina has been “one of the most wonderful and wholesome things that has ever happened in my career.”

While Sister Cristina’s rendition last night of  “(I’ve Had) The Time of my Life” got the most attention on YouTube, her cover of Vasco Rossi’s “Sally” in her later round was exceptional.

It’s a song about a woman who has suffered at the hands of others. But despite all the ill-will and the mistakes she’s made, she finds the inner strength to rise above the “madness” and carry on. She bravely accepts the sometimes cruel reality (the rain), while the critics and weak-kneed hide in their homes, content and wrapped-up in the pretend world of TV.






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14 Responses to Sister Cristina will face the final judgment… on The Voice

  1. amazing! waoh! voiceless!

  2. nan allen says:

    SUOR CRISTINA’S voice is exceptional. The added bonus for the world is that it happens in a most beautiful simplicity driven by her love of and service to the HOLY FATHER. It is true joy, beauty and spirit all rolled in to one little Sorella! That is so powerful. She has inspired me in such a refreshing way! It’s like that moment of “ahhh..I’m going to work harder at being the person I need to be”. Grazie, Sorella!!

  3. Frank Montez says:

    Her songs are intended to send a Christian message of love , hope and faith. In the ” Girls just want to have fun ” song in the daddy dearest you’re still #1 part she points heavenward. Up . Read the lyrics and find they’re a faith based selection.


  5. Bibiana Leal says:

    The Singing Nun became real!

  6. jc says:

    ..insulting to the millions of girls abused and subjugated in Islamic countries

    Watch “Richard Dawkins “Islam Is One Of The Great Evils In The World”” on YouTube

  7. Alefelio Kama says:

    You can still do this at church sister may God Bless you. By the way I do not see any difference on what you do and what the Pope is doing.

  8. Alefelio Kama says:

    You Just needed to be educated in the Scriptures, and be filled with the Holy Spirit thats all

  9. irma duran vega says:

    Para mi es una estrella, dios la conduzca, la haga brillar. Creo ya evangelizo a su manager, tiene un rostro diferente, de bondad.

  10. Herman Malipungi says:

    Go on … Keep blesseed …

  11. Bueno que se puede decir bendita voz ,que jesus siempre este a su lado gracias por compartir

  12. Diego says:

    adelante hermana, si Dios te ha llamado en ese campo para evangelizar y hacer feliz a mucha jente mas a los jovenes. ¿Quienes somos nosotros para cuestionar a Dios? y juzgar tu actuacion. Tu eres un ejemplo a seguir, luchar por lo que mas le gusta al servicio de los demas

  13. Barbara McGinley says:

    It’s her god given talent. Awesome

  14. yellow4good says:

    Sister Cristina Scuccia is the servant of God whom God Himself used her even on TheVoice show for peace, joy and love one another. I bow my head to sister Cristina.

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