Whooah, she’s halfway there! Sr. Cristina is “Livin’ On A Prayer”

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ROME — A religious sister singing a Bon Jovi mega-hit with a British boy band for backup?

“Never say never,” Ursuline Sister Cristina Scuccia told her audience last night before she was swept into the semifinals by popular vote.



The 25-year-old sister from Sicily is now one of the eight contestants left on the Italian version of the TV talent show The Voice vying for the final win.

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Screengrab of Italian rapper, J-Ax — Sr. Cristina’s coach on The Voice of Italy.

Her coach, Italian rap-star J-Ax (who’s been choosing Sister Cristina’s repertoire since her Blind Audition debut) said he’s really sorry he’s turned her into his personal “jukebox,” making her sing his favorites from his “sulky adolescence.”

He said he’s been pushing her “to go to the next level” and conquer every genre: blues, pop, Italian ballads and now big-hair 1980s rock&roll.


Screengrab of Sr. Cristina with members of the British band, The Vamps.

But on top of that, she got to have the emerging British band, The Vamps, provide the music and a group hug after the their performance.

She said it was “beautiful to have young people, well, kids, singing together with me.”

In fact, she spent her novitiate working with kids and young adults in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and used music to build trust and bring them together.

On those city streets, “I rediscovered singing as a way to praise the Lord, as something my soul needed, and as an instrument for touching people’s hearts,” she said in a 2013 interview.

Now she’s using her singing talents to touch people’s hearts via television, Internet and social media — saying she has a gift to give and a message that God takes nothing away, but rather gives you even more.

In case you missed her performance from last week, she did Gianni Morandi’s ballad, “Uno su Mille,” which is about how only “one in a million” has the inner strength to tough it out in the sometimes cruel world of entertainment (“You don’t know how hard ‘easy listening’ is…”).



She got a thumbs-up from the artist himself after her show, saying he watched her sing, thought she was great and that whoever has a gift and gives it will make the cut!

gianni morandi

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17 Responses to Whooah, she’s halfway there! Sr. Cristina is “Livin’ On A Prayer”

  1. Francesco Pistorio says:

    SPECTACULAR SUOR CRISTINA…GOD GIVE YOU A BLESS WE WILL singing with you to prayel twice to Our Lord…Go Suor Cristina we Love you…Pistorio family we fallow you via YouTube Urbana, Germantown Maryland, USA…

  2. joycedines says:

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  3. nan allen says:

    Faith, love, joy….Suor Cristina is the epitome of these!! She is already a winner to me! I found her, AND subsequently, her fantastic talent!!


  5. reks says:

    i say only on tink its god bless you

  6. dvora072096 says:

    Reblogged this on Karmalight.

  7. Ronnel says:

    i’m from philippines, everytime i watch you sing it gave me goosebumps! your the best Sr. Cristina!

  8. Pamela says:

    Thanks for your god given voice for all to enjoy!!!!

  9. Manuela Campbell says:

    I congratulate Sister Christina happy…GOD WITH US !

  10. Anna maria says:

    God bless you sour Christina you have a beautiful voice just like an angel, wish you go all the way ,you are the winner.

  11. irma duran vega says:

    Dios te bendiga, ya eres ganadora gracias a dios.

  12. Michael A. Goalen says:

    Is it possible to get the mailing address of Sister Cristina’s convent. I would like to send her and her fellow Sisters 10 copies of my friend Lory Bianco’s new cd, “Jesus paid it all”. Lory got her start as a singer and actress in Italy in the early 80;s. She has since given up singing pop music and has devoted herself to our Lord Jesus Christ. This would be my way of saying thank you Sister Cristina for who you are, your devotion to the Lord and the joy your singing is bringing to 100’s of millions of people through out the world.

  13. Carol Glatz says:

    Hi Michael,
    You can try this address: Congregazione delle Suore Orsoline della Sacra Famiglia
    Via Monfalcone, 7
    20132 Milano Italia

  14. Herminia says:

    I ‘m an ex-nun with my own family now. I applaud Sr Cristina for her bravery in sharing her talent. I watch her everyday, specially when I’m down and I always feel happy and renewed afterwards. Thank you, Sister! (PS: am getting chemotherapy treatments for ovarian cancer.) Please include us (cancer patients) in your community prayers.

  15. The cd’s for Sister Cristina and her convent arrived yesterday and I mailed them this morning. Thank you for all your help and God Bless

  16. La redazione says:

    Sr. Cristina blessed by Pope Francis (in italian) http://goo.gl/CLaUxT

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