Vatican issues official prayers to Saints John XXIII & John Paul II

Preparation for the canonization of Blesseds John XXIII and John Paul III in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican

The Vatican hung the banners of Blesseds John Paul II and John XXIII on the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica April 25. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

VATICAN CITY — The banners of Blesseds Pope John Paul II and John XXIII were hung on the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica today and the official prayer cards of the two new saints have been printed.

Cardinal Angelo Comastri, the papal vicar for Vatican City, produced the cards, which will be distribution after the two popes’ canonizations on Sunday.

This is what they look like with the prayers on the back:


The cardinal’s office said there were no plans to provide official translations of the prayers. So, for the time being, we’d like to offer you our own translation here:


Prayer to St. John Paul II

O, St. John Paul, from the window of heaven, grant us your blessing! Bless the church that you loved and served and guided, courageously leading it along the paths of the world in order to bring Jesus to everyone and everyone to Jesus. Bless the young, who were your great passion. Help them dream again, help them look up high again to find the light that illuminates the paths of life here on earth.

May you bless families, bless each family! You warned of Satan’s assault against this precious and indispensable divine spark that God lit on earth. St. John Paul, with your prayer, may you protect the family and every life that blossoms from the family.

Pray for the whole world, which is still marked by tensions, wars and injustice. You tackled war by invoking dialogue and planting the seeds of love: pray for us so that we may be tireless sowers of peace.

O St. John Paul, from heaven’s window, where we see you next to Mary, send God’s blessing down upon us all. Amen.


Prayer to St. John XXIII

Dear Pope John,

Your simplicity and meekness carried the scent of God and sparked in people’s hearts the desire for goodness. You spoke often of the beauty of the family gathered around the table to share bread and faith: pray for us that once again true families would live in our homes.

With outstretched hands you sowed hope, and you taught us to listen for God’s footsteps as he prepares a new humanity: help us have a healthy optimism of defeating evil with good.

You loved the world with its light and darkness, and you believed that peace is possible: help us be instruments of peace at home and in our communities.

With paternal gentleness you gave all children a caress: you moved the world and reminded us that hands have been given to us not for striking, but for embracing and drying tears.

Pray for us so that we do not limit ourselves to cursing the darkness but that we bring the light, bringing Jesus everywhere and always praying to Mary. Amen.

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38 Responses to Vatican issues official prayers to Saints John XXIII & John Paul II

  1. Mary E. White. says:

    Thank-you for these beautiful prayers.

  2. Maria Chin says:

    Thanks for the translated prayer .They are beautiful.May Our Lord bless you.


  4. Duane Lamers says:

    Here’s hoping that Pope Francis refers to the sainted John Paul as “John Paul the Great,” thereby giving official recognition to a title already widely in use among the faithful.

  5. Maura Reid says:

    Thank you for such beautiful prayers to Saint John Paul II and Saint John XXIII. Just reading them now I can feel them looking down and praying for us. Thank you

  6. Eleanor Croy says:

    Reblogged this on Random Dorkness and commented:
    The Catholic Church will have two new official Saints as of this Sunday. This blog post has pictures of the prayer cards that will be issued in honor of Pope St. John Paul and Pope St. John.

  7. Eleanor Croy says:

    Beautiful prayers! 😀

  8. News says:

    Reblogged this on News-Press.

  9. tim dillard says:

    Beautiful prayers, as I need help, I will continue to say them. They were two special popes, I hope this is a special weekend.. Tim D, NJ,

  10. Carolyn Davis says:

    Please pray for my special intentions. Thank you,

  11. Reblogged this on theraineyview and commented:
    Blessed John Paul II and Blessed John XXIII will be canonized Sunday.

  12. jellyace707 says:

    Reblogged this on The A in whAtever..

  13. animetoysmart says:

    This religion is and was way too sinful and corrupted since it started, not long ago at all comparing to the known mankind history. I am not sure how the people could blinded themselves so hardly to ignore the obvious crimes in this dictating organization. From preventing the truths being revealed by science, killing innocents and people with undesired opinions in the name of gods, to deifying sick beings who conducted and covered up child sex abuses to be saints. Unless this world is completely un-sane, this religion will not last any longer and it will break down eventually with sorrow followers with hijacked morality. Funny enough, one is not allowed in this organization if ‘they’ don’t authorize it. Who are they to authorize someone’s belief?

  14. Bridget says:

    My daughter is being confirmed on this day. I wrote a note to Pope John Paul Ii before he came to Central Park asking for his blessing because my husband and I could not have children ….we adopted and I conceived and my daughter is being confirmed on Sunday Amen Amen

  15. Old Gobbo from Farnhham says:

    I am sure all the surviving victims of abuse by priests will be particularly touched by the reference to JP’s passion for the young.

  16. Igbagri Lifu John says:

    Saints of God, we seek ur prayers, let the peace Jesus gives to the world remain in our home. SS John Paul & John pray for us- Amen

  17. Isabel Frances Campbell says:

    Just so excited that this is happening in my lifetime. I already pray to Blessed John Paul but will be saying both these prayers every day now. They are beautiful and in words we can easily understand and relate to. Thank you

  18. dear pope john and paul help the world to have peace

  19. Shawn H says:

    Please Holy Saints, as you are Crowned with Canonization ask God to heal my husband or to give him the grace of a peaceful death. May God take him to Heaven or Heal him on Divine Mercy Sunday, your day the entire world honors your lives. Thank you Dear Lord for giving us these two beautiful examples of Christ’s love on earth. Amen.

  20. says:

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  21. I’m sure you mean ‘*With* outstretched hands, not *without*’

  22. robert says:

    pope john xxiii saved thousands of jews lives by putting himself at risk and issuing them passports. st john xxiii, pray for me.

  23. Jim Lackey says:

    Fixed — thanks!

  24. Babythomas says:

    John paul second and john 23rd pray for our family and healing of our autism child,and get a home,and our finance roblem,babythomas and family ,aniamma,deepak,mama(rupak) mable and babythomas,india,kerala.amen.

  25. God blessed us with these holy Popes!
    Thank you for the prayers.
    God Bless

  26. Edith C says:

    Gratias tibi Deus for this wonderful occasion used in showing the beauty and unity of the church!

  27. Mona Aster says:

    Sts John Paul II & John XXIII Pray For Us.

  28. Emke says:

    Emke : Gloire à Dieu !

  29. Maribel Ibuna says:

    To Blessed John Paul II and Blessed John XXIII bless us all and gave us the strength to face every challenges.lead and guide us to God amen.

  30. P Schmidt says:

    “Oh, St. John Paul, from the window of heaven”

    This should read “O, St. John Paul …”

    Please correct.

  31. to animetoysmart, WHAT HATRED . This is all about LOVE

  32. Sharon Mcisaac says:

    St. John Paul 11 please intervene in
    the healing of my family, on this your special day of your canonization, Thank you in advance for your help in this urgent matter.

  33. Cayis says:

    John Paul II prayer

  34. IBHADE CHRIS. says:

    Let us imitate these humble Saints, who brought Christ to all peoples of the world, by treating everyone as a brother/sister; and provide work for our youth. Ss Jn & JP intercede for my complete healing. Amen.

  35. Thank you for these beautiful images and prayers to our newly canonized Sts. May they pray for all of us! Amen!

  36. Let us all be very happy and thankful, that we have our two wonderful popes, now saints. We now ask them to watch over and protect us.

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