No nook neglected: Spring cleaning at the Vatican

VATICAN CITY — City workers have been out in force the past few weeks getting Rome ready for the massive numbers of people expected for the canonizations this Sunday of Blesseds Pope John XXIII and John Paul II.

Road crews finally put down a thick coat of fresh white paint for pedestrian crossings that had been worn bare from heavy traffic.


The city of Rome is gearing up for the April 27 canonizations. Workers have repainted pedestrian crossings around St. Peter’s Square. (CNS photo/Carol Glatz)

City workers are also doing necessary patch-ups like fixing broken paving on the sidewalks:


City workers replace and repair broken paving stones near St. Peter’s Square. (CNS photo/Carol Glatz)


and smoothing out some bumpy ‘Sampietrini’ cobblestones:


City workers smoothing out the ‘Sampietrini’ cobblestones along one section of the main boulevard leading to St. Peter’s Square. (CNS photo/Carol Glatz)


But one thing happened today that was a bit unexpected even though I think it turned out to be one of the most important sprucing-up jobs someone thought of assigning:


Peek-a-boo! A Vatican worker cleaning the live-cam that sits atop the colonnade overlooking St. Peter’s Square. (Screengrab from CTV live feed)


A Vatican worker spent a good 15 minutes scrubbing and shining the glass in front of the Vatican television live-cam that sits on top of the colonnade overlooking St. Peter’s Square.


A Vatican worker sprays a cleansing foam on the live cam overlooking St. Peter’s Square. (Screengrab of CTV live feed)

He used a large variety of cleaners and even a big puff of his own breath to wipe off all the dust, grime and inevitable bug and bird droppings from the glass protecting the camera’s lens.

Check out his hard work here:

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The Vatican has six live webcams on its website, but this is the ‘default’ cam on the Vatican live player giving people a birds-eye view of the square 24/7 when it’s not broadcasting important papal and other Vatican events.


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  1. Last time in Rome I tripped on a broken pavement going toward the Vatican and it hurt. Hope they fix that one. Exciting time for the Church. Pius X11, Paul V1 Benedict XV1 and Francis are in line also in due course.

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