God is still #1 for the nun who wants to have fun

ROME — Who would have thought there could be room for God in a Cyndi Lauper song, much less her 1983 hit, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”

But 25-year-old Ursuline Sister Cristina Scuccia found it when she pointed and looked up to heaven as she sang: “Oh daddy dear, you know you’re still number one!” before a packed studio audience on the talent-show The Voice of Italy last night

number 1 daddy

As she did with her March 19 performance of Alicia Keys’ “No one,”  Sister Cristina wowed the crowds as they stood and cheered in unison, “sorella, sorella, sorella…” [sister!]

She easily won the round against 23-year-old Luna Palumbo in their “battle” duet. While the two starkly contrasted in looks — one towering tall, curls flying, gold necklaces flashing, the other petite, hair tucked undercover, silver cross swaying — they were united in talent and a love for song.


Sister Cristina has said she is on a mission to share her gift and her joy for God, and last night’s show was another evangelizing moment as the four Italian super star “coaches” found themselves talking about faith and spirituality.

Be sure to watch the episode. And while the YouTube video has closed captions in English (which aren’t that great), our *ahem* much better CNS translation of last night is below.


The M.C.: It’s a great battle between two unique voices, incredible stuff.


Now speaking of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” those girls over there had a lot of fun, the sisters who came to accompany you dear Sister Cristina [points to Ursuline sisters in crowd].

Luna, come here. How amazing, guys. A fantastic performance! J-ax…

J-ax: No, don’t make me say anything for the next three hours. Let the others talk because I have to pull myself together for a second.

MC: Piero, there was some real rock & roll in this performance, don’t you agree?

piero2Piero Pelu’: Well, for me it was like something from a (Luis) Bunuel film. Maybe a lot of people don’t know who he was but he was a director who made movies that were totally insane, where every rule was broken.

MC: How do you two feel? Because you brought the house down.

Luna: Look, don’t ask me how I feel because I’m… I tell you, I feel like a wreck as usual.

Suor Cristina: Super excited, incredibly thrilled. Thank you!

MC: Raffaella, I’ll ask you how you felt about the performance.

raff2Raffaella Carra’: Luna completely bowled me over, I have to be honest. Sr. Cristina sang very well. You have amazing energy, you really own the stage, which is what I tell my team members to do, but you already know to do it. But I’m convinced that J-ax will choose you because if he doesn’t he’ll go to hell. Right?
MC: Noemi, what do you think?

noemi1Noemi: Great stuff! It’s fabulous because it reminded me of the movie Sister Act where there’s this renewal, this move toward people who live the modern world of today that I think is fabulous because to bring that here…

Plus, I believe in God and I think to bring God to something of this sort is something that’s really beautiful. Because it’s kind of missing a little today, this spiritual dimension. Thank you! It’s wonderful!

MC: Thanks to J-ax who formed this duo, which has truly turned this studio audience upside down. Right now I don’t know what is churning around in your head but the decision you have to make is really, really complicated because one of these two women will leave your team.

J-ax: Well, first of all, I thank my girls for having given me again such a thrill. I’m going to engage in a little gratuitous satire. No one asked me, but, when I came on The Voice, I was shooting wisecracks all over the place even about the 1980s.

jaxInstead I wanted to choose a song from the 1980s, the early ‘80s, which I think was the best period where there was still hope. And so this song spoke about girls who wanted to have fun just like boys had. So, for me, I nonetheless saw this  as being a spiritual song.
Luna, you are amazing, you have superpowers, like, when you sing, your hair grows, you’re like [a Japanese animation] the Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball with curls. Like, that’s you.

I’m afraid that for Sister Cristina, the others here will accuse me of ‘divine doping.’ I mean, after this performance you’ve unlocked the next level, like in role playing games, you’ve become the Mother Superior for real.

Ax-isms [My wisecracks] aside. I noticed something, something that is very rare. When Sister Cristina sings, she has a gift: the ability to radiate joy. I saw it, looking at the coaches, looking at the audience. It’s instantaneous. I am, how can I say this, really sorry to have to choose [interminable pause]
But I’m going ahead with Sister Cristina.

MS: Sister Cristina wins this amazing battle, she will go on to the next ‘Knock Out’ round with her coach, J-ax. This means the joined forces of the devil and holy water will go on. Congratulations! Sister Cristina, ladies and gentlemen!

[crowd cheers for the sister]

Sorella, sorella….


Stay tuned for her next debut!


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  1. Blowing the Smoke of Satan says:

    How like Judas to betray Christ on holy Thursday – he sacrificed his life and you all have fun and make money off him!

  2. caren says:

    Please, Christina, stay strong. There are jackals everywhere who would love to snatch you away from the sisterhood and the Catholic Church!

  3. J-ax nails it: “I noticed something, something that is very rare. When Sister Cristina sings, she has a gift: the ability to radiate joy. I saw it, looking at the coaches, looking at the audience. It’s instantaneous.” It’s as simple as that …. radiating joy.

  4. Reblogged this on Daily Goodness and commented:
    ” When Sister Cristina sings, she has a gift: the ability to radiate joy. I saw it, looking at the coaches, looking at the audience. It’s instantaneous. ”

    This Holy Thursday, as we die to self and rise to new life with Jesus, let us contemplate how to better radiate the joy. Sound good?
    ~ Frank J. Casella, CMCS Executive Director

  5. Ramón says:

    Se nota en Sor Cristina una lucha interior que sostiene gracias a su fe. Dios le de fuerzas para continuar a su servicio. Está con los demonios encima que esperan sacar provecho de ella, se relamen para devorarla. Recemos por ella.

  6. Pilgrim Jet says:

    Yey!!! Thank you so much for this update. Please do continue to do so. Appreciate it a lot!!! This is such great news! I do hope and pray that what Sister Cristina is doing will definitely make a difference the secular world.

  7. mel says:

    wow,very nice

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