Hunger in a land of plenty

VATICAN CITY — Nearly one billion people — about one in eight people — still go hungry in a world that is able to achieve rising food production.


In an effort to reflect, raise awareness and encourage action in the fight against hunger, Caritas Internationalis is launching a global “wave of prayer” next Tuesday at noon.

The prayers and a video message and blessing from Pope Francis will kick off Caritas’ long term anti-hunger campaign of One Human Family, Food For All Dec. 10.

“There is enough food to feed the planet. We believe that with your help and the help of governments and the U.N. we can end hunger by 2025,” Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, president of Caritas Internationalis, said in a video message.

Through its 164 member organizations across the globe, Caritas is hoping Catholics worldwide will join their efforts on the local, national or global level.

People can share Caritas’ campaign on Facebook by liking and inviting friends to like IamCaritas or get #Food4All trending on Twitter with tweets about the problem of food waste and world hunger.

Caritas’ partner, Cafod, in the U.K. has a list of easy to tweet facts and tips on how individuals can make a difference.


A vendor wrapping a tray of eggs with newspaper at a market in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Feb. 2011. (CNS photo/Nacho Doce, Reuters)

Another great way to support is to consider giving the gift of food security.

Cafod and Catholic Relief Services in the U.S. have creative and effective ways to improve hungry people’s lives: like buying a family in need chickens, goats, milking cows, honeybees, a greenhouse as well as  fertilizer, fish and even a smartphone so farmers can make sure they’re getting the market price for their goods and boost production.

And don’t forget the World Food Program’s “Free Rice” online game that donates rice as you test your vocabulary skills.

Here is the campaign prayer for Dec. 10 and during other moments of reflection:

O God, you entrusted to us the fruits of all creation so that we might care for the earth and be nourished with its bounty.

You sent us your Son to share our very flesh and blood and to teach us your Law of Love. Through His death and resurrection, we have been formed into one human family.


Children preparing fish to be sold on the streets in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, April 2008. (CNS photo/Eduardo Munoz, Reuters)

Jesus showed great concern for those who had no food – even transforming five loaves and two fish into a banquet that served five thousand and many more.

We come before you, O God, conscious of our faults and failures, but full of hope, to share food with all members in this global family.

Through your wisdom, inspire leaders of government and of business, as well as all the world’s citizens, to find just, and charitable solutions to end hunger by assuring that all people enjoy the right to food.

Thus we pray, O God, that when we present ourselves for Divine Judgment, we can proclaim ourselves as “One Human Family” with “Food for All”.


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2 Responses to Hunger in a land of plenty

  1. Duane Lamers says:

    There are two problems not-so-hidden here: The first is the problem of the world’s dictators interfereing with efforts to feed the hungry. By the way, these dictators make up the majority of governments represented at the UN.

    The other problem is hunger in our own country. In over 40 years our taxpayers have spent over 7 trillion dollars on social welfare programs. We still have poverty; we still give these programs INCREASES in their budgets each year to continue failing, and conservatives are condemned for even suggesting that these programs be evaluated and restructured. The rightful conclusion to be drawn from all this is that the programs are not so much about feeding the poor as they are about increasing the size of the bureaucracy in order to insure at voting time that these programs are continued–under the guise of “helping the poor,” of course.

  2. This is sad when people go hungry for food in one country and then you have other countries that have the spiritual hunger.

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