Fatherly advice from the Holy Father

VATICAN CITY — When Pope Francis mills through the crowds, especially during a Wednesday general audience, people notice his warmth and tenderness, whether he’s caressing a baby, comforting an older person or hugging someone with a disability.

But he also has a “nagging” side, a playful side and no-nonsense side to him where he knows exactly how to handle any situation.

Here’s a quick compilation of some of our favorite fatherly moments with the Holy Father as he tackles the tears and hands out some free advice:

“Crying baby? I know how to take care of that!”


“Where’s her sunhat?! She’s going to get burned!”


“I can catch left-handed, but no throwing stuff at people, k?”


“A letter for me?! Good boy! I’ll read it after lunch.”


“It’s chilly! Keep him covered up!”


“Don’t people listen to their mothers? It’s chilly out!”


And our favorite from yesterday:

“What are you nuts! You’ll catch a cold wearing short sleeves in winter!”