“We see faith, love rising from the ruins”

Woman comforts pregnant relative at makeshift birthing clinic after super typhoon hits Philippines

A woman comforts a pregnant relative having labor pains before she delivered a baby Nov. 11 at a makeshift birthing clinic in typhoon-battered Tacloban, Philippines. (CNS photo/Erik De Castro, Reuters)

VATICAN CITY — With his voice quavering and overcome with emotion, Cardinal Luis Tagle of Manila thanked people for supporting desperately needed relief efforts in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

In an interview just posted on Vatican Radio, the cardinal said the risk of further deaths from starvation or lack of clean water is very real as some affected areas still haven’t gotten aid, especially poorer villages where people are on “the brink of real hunger and thirst and the lack of basic necessities.”

While the unimaginable level of destruction has left people shocked and speechless, the outpouring of support is offering deep consolation, he said.

Girl transfers drinking water she collected after super typhoon hits Philippines

A girl transfers drinking water she collected from a faucet Nov. 12. Aid agencies faced challenges getting food and water to hundreds of thousands of Filipinos. (CNS photo/Romeo Ranoco, Reuters)

However, it’s not enough to keep back the tears at the end of the interview as the cardinal sums up the string of tragedies the region has faced and the undying faith still displayed by the survivors.

“We see rubble, we see ruins everywhere but we see also faith, love arising from the ruins and making us stronger people. I want to thank everyone, the Holy Father, our brothers and sisters outside the country for remembering us and trying their best to reach out, in the name of the victims and the poor, we really thank you.”

Pope Francis again called for generosity both in prayers and concrete assistance:

Caritas Internationalis and their member organizations are continuing their appeals for help.

  • €6 ($8) provides a water kit for a family. This includes 1 jerry can, 1 pail and tabs for water purification.
  • €11 ($15) provides an emergency shelter kit. This includes tarps and nails that are combined with local materials to create emergency shelter.
  • €16 ($22) provides household living supplies. This includes sleeping mats, three blanket, utensils, plastics, glasses, and a cooking pot.
  • €21 ($28) provides hygiene kits. This includes a two-month family supply of soap, laundry powder, toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine sanitary napkins, and towels.

There are many ways to help and all of them are as easy as a click of a button:

Also Cardinal Tagle published this “Prayer for Calamities” today in English and Tagalog

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  1. GRACE and LOVE always rise from Evil, whether moral or physical evil. Jesus’ Death gave us that Gift so do not question God the Father for the in-between exercise of both while we await the Final Trumpet

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