UPDATED: Where to give to help Typhoon Haiyan victims

Catholic aid agencies helping Filipinos affected by Typhoon Haiyan, the largest Pacific storm of the year and perhaps the largest storm ever,  are seeking donations.



The Catholic Relief Services country representative in the Philippines, Joe Curry, said this typhoon — known in the Philippines as Yolanda — combined with Typhoon Bopha last December and the earthquake in October created a “very trying time … for all the people in the middle of it and being affected by it.”

Caritas Internationalis, the Vatican-based international network of Catholic aid agencies, was accepting donations on its website. Catholic Relief Services, a Caritas network member in the United States, had a “Donate Now” button on its website page that explained its plans. And Filipinos who want to donate can go directly to Caritas Philippines.

Other agencies providing help include the Catholic Medical Mission Board , Cross Catholic Outreach and the International Catholic Migration Commission.

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8 Responses to UPDATED: Where to give to help Typhoon Haiyan victims

  1. freebirdsings says:

    Well this is just why we keep giving to Catholic Relief! They do a great job of helping people.

  2. Since knowing that Cafod “director” pays himself huge amount of money I’m now reluctant to give to this charity which used to be my favorite! Too bad, I don’t like their promotion either with their £3000 first prize. I want my money to go to help the real poors not the greedy people who need a dangled carrot before they part with their money 😦

  3. Thank you CRS. You are needed. These people go in and help its at times hard I hear.

  4. Sorry waking up. What I meant to say was CRS do as much they can. Though they are limited. For corruption or strife within these countries is very hard to navigate.

  5. soliman arteche says:

    sana po mabigyan po ng relief goods dun po s Taft Eastern Samar salamat po…

  6. does anyone know where to donate clothing, warm outerwear, blankets, towels, medicine and other such things to this country in need?

  7. miles Christi says:

    Please remember that in most natural disasters ‘cash is best’ so the relief organizations on the ground can purchase the most APPROPRIATE goods for the effected communities. It could create a huge burden on the receving end if potential donors from afar send stuff that are inappropriate for the locals (ie. warm outerwear in a tropical country, western candy bars when a bowl of rice would be more precious)… Please, please do a little bit of research to find out what’s REALLY NEEDED before sending anything – the NGOs working on the ground (or their country reps) will be more than happy to provide this info. Having to clean up piles and piles of unwanted good is just an additional burden on the affected country whose resources and capabilities have been weakended by the disaster… just my two cents…
    + Prayers for the Philippines!

  8. John Probert says:

    Please, send money to Catholic Relief Services for most urgently needed relief aid to be sent.
    Praise God’s Holy Will, please pray.

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