Pope Francis ranks #1 most talked about name on the net

VATICAN CITY — Of the 1.83 billion people chatting and posting in English on the Internet, guess what they’ve been talking about most ?

Pope leads general audience at Vatican

Crowd captures Pope Francis on their mobile devices as he arrives to lead his general audience in St. Peter’s Square May 20. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Not only is Pope Francis the most talked about name of 2013, his twitter handle @Pontifex ranks in the top-five “top words” on the World Wide Web.

The Austin, Texas-based Global Language Monitor combs the web and ranks the words, phrases and names that get the heaviest and widest usage in the English language worldwide.

The results of their annual survey of top terms used during 2013 rank “Pope Francis” as the #1 proper name most talked about on the web ahead of “ObamaCare” and “NSA” — the U.S. National Security Agency.

@Pontifex ranked fourth in the list of top words being used.

http 404Coming in first for top words on the Internet, according to GLM, was “404” — an HTTP code that appears after trying to follow a broken link; second  goes to “fail,” which was a popular catchphrase and Internet meme depicting failed outcomes; and third is “hashtag” — the pound sign that turns any word or phrase into a kind of metadata tag #LookItUp.

Some past top words and names from other years include “Apocalypse,” “Occupy,” “Newtown,” and “Steve Jobs.”

GLM said it determines the top words, names and phrases by analyzing “global discourse” on the Internet, blogs, media outlets and social media.


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6 Responses to Pope Francis ranks #1 most talked about name on the net

  1. Good News. The downside is the false interpretation and partly quoted text given to some of his most quoted comments are upsetting to people who would normally distrust journalists but presume the Pope says what they claim he says. Paradox.

  2. The Beauty of our Catholic faith. I’m glad it is shared among all worldwide.

  3. Uchichi Alphonsus says:

    Good to talk but will put the himself and Catholic church in problem,because of his TOO MUCH TALKINGS, MAILINGS, INTERNETINGS, SOCIAL MEDIA AND NETWORKINGS.
    I will advise him, our Pope (Francis) to PRAY MORE INDOOR and TALK LESS IN THE PUBLIC.
    The ENEMIES are watching him only to find out where he will make a mistake.

  4. melissa flores says:

    i am truly honored to be a Catholic more than ever before because of this mans realistic and true values …What are we doing everyday and preaching in the name of jesus and our father if we turn others away for choices and circumstance…Finally a voice that is speaking to heaven not society!!

  5. zac says:

    Pope Francis, please bring back our traditional mass and consecrate Russia as requested by Our Mother Mary. Stop desecrating our Altars. We need to see our Tarbernacles where it used to be, not taken it out of site. People should be told the truth about the third secret of Fatima. People should be told the truth about hell fire, people should be told about how to dress in the church and outside as well. Stop giving people communion in the hand, stop eucharistic ministers giving communion, its an abomination. Many catholics today are going astray because they don’t know what is happening, they don’ t know their catholic faith. Our Holy Mass is to celebrate the death of Our Lord Jesus Christ and not for fun where you have people dance or clapping in the Holy Mass. We don’t need reformation, no one has the right to change it as predecessors of St Peter warned.
    Pope Francis needs our prayers, and that we should do for changes to come.

  6. Janet O'Connor says:

    I can’t stand it when I hear comments that try to set Francis apart from the other Pope’s before him, as though they were NOT realistic. The only first about Francis is he is the first pope with this name he is the first from the America’s and he is the first Jesuit. That’s all of the firsts.

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