Keeping the faith on campus takes work

Two women walking on the campus of Georgetown University in Washington June 14 pass a statue of Archbishop John Carroll, Baltimore's first archbishop and founder of Georgetown.

Two women walking on the campus of Georgetown University in Washington June 14 pass a statue of Archbishop John Carroll, Baltimore’s first archbishop and founder of Georgetown. (CNS/Jonathan Ernst, Reuters)

Last week a colleague here at Catholic News Service took his older boy off to college for the first time. It was an emotional time for him and his wife, but a time of great joy and anticipation for their son Matthew. My friends have done a great job in raising their two sons. The boys are smart, gifted athletes, have great values and a solid faith. Like all parents whose children begin this next big step in their lives, they hope the kids hold on to all they have learned as they are exposed to new ideas in a bigger world, not the least of which is their faith.

Jesuit Father Kevin O’Brien, vice president for mission and ministry at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., wrote Aug. 19 in the Washington Post‘s On Faith section that college is indeed a time when young people are confronted with new ideas and questions that will challenge many aspects of their lives, but that is all part of growing into adulthood. But it can be, well, a bumpy road for students and parents.

“Young adults transitioning to college need to be gentle with themselves and others.  Parents do well to model that patience,” he wrote.

If you have a daughter or son who’s off to college for the first time or heading back again, and you’re holding your breath on how all those years of religious education are going to hold up, check out Father O’Brien’s “How to Keep the Faith on Campus.” It will help you keep your faith in your college student.

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  1. Catholic Colleges have to avoid the extremism and thought-control of the current extreme Left.

  2. When we have Catholic colleges doing stuff like this we have a LOT of work to do:

    “The College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University’s Institute for Women’s Leadership is hosting same-sex marriage advocate Chris Kluwe this evening. Kluwe is a punter with the Minnesota Vikings. The University’s official bulletin board advertises an event billed as the “Chris Kluwe Equality Program” tonight, May 2, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. taking place in the College of St. Benedict’s Alumnae Hall.

    The LCWR shrugs things like this off and pretends it is in compliance with Catholic teaching.We send our precious children to be corrupted and formed into dissidents. These people then come back into our faith communities and sabotage the work our bishops are trying to do in the name of Life and Marriage. The Church in the US will not survive unless things like this change. That will not happen until the Catholic laity says, ‘Enough is enough!” and stops sending its kids to institutions like SJU and St Ben’s. The problem is being handled with velvet gloves at all levels of the Catholic hierarchy. It is time that changed also. They should not be surprised if they are squirted with water or some other outrage while making public statements as happened to Cardinal Leonard in Belgium.

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