“Like a little kiss from God”

Pope Francis gives Dominic Gondreau an Easter kiss. (Screen shot from www.news.va)

Pope Francis gives Dominic Gondreau an Easter kiss. (Screen shot from http://www.news.va)

VATICAN CITY — Whenever he’s in a crowd, Pope Francis kisses lots of children. The father of one special boy, who got a special kiss and embrace on Easter, has written a blog about the embrace and its meaning.

The boy, Dominic Gondreau, has cerebal palsy. He is spending several months in Rome with his parents and four siblings while his father, a professor of theology at Dominican-run Providence College in Providence, R.I., serves as faculty resident director for students studying in Rome.

The dad, Paul Gondreau, said his son “has already shared in Christ’s cross more than I have throughout my entire life multiplied a thousand times over.”

And while Dominic’s parents help him walk, stretch his muscles, wheel him around and care for him in every way, dad says, “He shows me how to love.”

“We were all moved to tears” by the pope’s embrace of Dominic, he said.

In an interview with CNN, Dominic’s mother, Christiana, described the moment as being “like a little kiss from God.”

Our friends at Salt and Light Television, the Catholic channel in Canada, have included the moment in their video, about 10 minutes and 30 seconds into the piece.