Papal fans will have to stick with snail mail

Screenshot of the Vatican web site's homepage. In 2005, the Vatican internet office created a special email address for the new pope, but there won't be one this time.

Screenshot of the Vatican web site’s homepage. In 2005, the Vatican Internet office created a special email address for Pope Benedict, but there won’t be one this time for Pope Francis.

VATICAN CITY — When Pope Benedict XVI was elected pope in 2005, the Vatican quickly (just 16 hours after his election) set up six different email addresses by language for well-wishers to send greetings and prayers.

Just two days after the accounts were set up, the Vatican Internet office received over 56,000 emails. But as more people found out about the addresses, the servers soon crashed, prompting the Vatican, this time around, to no longer continue the shortly-lived tradition.

Vatican spokesman, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi told journalists today that the 2005 initiative triggered “an avalanche  of messages that put the system in crisis.”

The small staff at the Internet office is also “unable to respond to the number of emails that come in,” therefore,  an email address is not currently in the cards, he said.

“I don’t know if it will happen in the future, but for now there are no plans,” he said.

So greetings, messages and notes will have to go via Twitter @Pontifex. Or if 140 characters aren’t enough, there’s always the old-fashioned way: via snail mail to His Holiness Pope Francis, 00120 Vatican City State. But don’t go overboard or the poor papal postmen lugging all those the letters might protest and discourage that option too!

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15 Responses to Papal fans will have to stick with snail mail

  1. Justin says:

    How do we write to Benedict 16 now? Is it the Castle Gandolfo address?

  2. Carol Glatz says:

    That address should be good until he transfers to the Vatican. People can try Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, 00040 Castel Gandolfo, Rome Italy

  3. jCinCA says:

    How Much Of This Is Just A Sign Of The Times? If It Is For Well Wishes And SucH then People Will Do All Of That In Twitter Which Seems Be Remaining OpeN And Is A More Efficient Means Than Email For That Kind O Communication. (Unless Of CuPurse Your Phone Starts Auto Capitalizing Every Word You Type Like My Phone Is Doing Now) So This Seems LikeAn Almost Non issue

  4. Maxine Bates says:

    Thank you, Carol.

  5. Patricia Ferne says:

    Hello your Holiness Pope Francis, this is the soul,heart, and mind of Patricia Ferne . me. Noble Feather . I have healed the wounds of great and many with the faith in God our Jesus and the knowledge that he created us to heal wounds and be eternal. Thank you for keeping the prayers for all the world to heal their P.T.S.D. wounds of any kind. I will pray for your voice to be heard across all the world and cities of many to the hills of few. Many blessings. Amen.

  6. Lauren Kinter says:

    What is Pope Francis’s mailing address?

  7. Lauren Kinter says:

    Oops-I just noticed it at the end of the article.

  8. frjimt9455 says:

    quick, call the usps….. card. pell, on ewtn this am, just finished saying that part of the renewal of the Vatican is better means of communication, advancing the cause of a new means of communication…… and in a church of 1.2 billion, we’re told that the servers couldn’t handle how many email best wishes?
    perhaps, since PF is humble, maybe he’ll take a few human servers & give the
    church different ones!

  9. frjimt9455 says:

    call the usps…,.and this after cardinal pell, on ewtn, just said that PFrancis will need to change the communication process & ability…..who knows, maybe since he’s one to live simply….he could take a few new ‘servers’ and give them to the communications office….. geeshe, what a stumble….

  10. Thank you frjim ! I humbly serve God forever.

  11. Cherine says:

    God bless Pope Francis

  12. Hilary idahosa says:

    God bless pope francis.The third person of the trinity must have something to tell the world through pope francis.

  13. JJ says:

    Especially this time around
    With our Very Beloved Pope
    F R A N C I S +++

  14. simon ochigbo says:

    I thank God for his love in u.

  15. fidelis chijioke says:

    in Gods hand we all are,may God guard Pope Francis aright is my prayer Amen

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