Street artists bring spirit of church to new art exhibit

(CNS/Greg Watry)

By Greg Watry

ROME — Two street artists are bringing the spirit of the church to a new art exhibition in Rome.  The -1 Art Gallery, located in the basement of the Casa dell’Architettura, opened a new exhibition titled “Sancta Sanctoroom” on Friday, Nov. 23.

Prominent Roman street artists Mr. Klevra and omino71 are the creative forces behind the exhibition, which illustrates scenes from the Book of Revelation.

Mr. Klevra gained notoriety for his unique street art, which often depicts religious figures such as the Madonna and Child.

The gallery is full of religious figures in Byzantine

(CNS/Greg Watry)

art style.  An image of the Virgin Mary welcomes patrons into the first room, which depicts the Apocalypse in an array of psychedelic colors.  On the left wall, the false prophet, surrounded by a beast and dragon, represents evil.  While on the right, the sacrificial lamb and two lions represent the unity of the Holy Trinity and good.  The New Jerusalem, a city painted in gold, sits in the background of the three figures.  The second room depicts the Last Judgment, when mankind’s sins are weighed and it is decided whether one goes to paradise or the inferno.

The work warrants much contemplation with its inclusion of minute details from the Book of Revelation and the hidden symbols scattered within the art.  Coupled with contemporary images and themes, the exhibition brings a modern twist to an ancient text.

Religious and art enthusiasts will both find something to enjoy in this gallery.  As with most street art, the exhibition has a lifespan and will only be open until Dec. 21.  After that, the walls will be repainted to make way for a new show.  So if you’re in the Rome area it is definitely worth checking out.

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  1. Judy Watry Dlugonski says:

    Wow! Fabulous art, great photography and writing!! I am so proud to be “G.D. Watry” (aka: Greg Watry’s) aunt!! 🙂

  2. kp says:

    great article greg! and i love the pictures also!

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