50 years later, Catholic-Orthodox developments ‘remarkable’

Fifty years ago today, participants in the Second Vatican Council began talking about Christian unity, especially unity with Eastern Christians. Two prominent leaders in the North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation, Jesuit Father Brian Daley and Orthodox Father Thomas FitzGerald, spoke to Catholic News Service about the progress that has been made since Vatican II. See their interview below.

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  1. Philosophy Joel Vaughn Peddle says:

    Your site is soft Catholic. You guys feather your self congratula with false liberalism. Dont be fake.

  2. Robert says:

    The Council of Florence declared Infallibly that all pagan’s, jews, heretics, schismatics, etc, unless they are joined to the Catholic Church before they die, are lost forever. It is something to see that since Vatican II numerous Catholic Dogma’s, Infallible Declarations, Traditions, etc, have all been abandoned. Recent surveys indicate that world wide 75% of Catholics no longer attend the sacraments and of the 25% that do – 75% of them deny or reject one or more Catholic dogma’s, doctrines or teachings. Surveys of Catholic priests indicate that over 75% of Catholic priests also reject various Catholic doctrines and teaching, including one survey in America that foudn that 66% of Catholic priests no longer believe in Transubstantiation.

    Its about time that the Church recognizes that its traditions, doctrines and dogmas, no longer are revelant in modern society, that the Church realizes, as most do now today, that what preceeded Vatican II is no longer valid, accepted or recognized as revelant in todays society.

    Even Benedict XVI, in his numerous books, has denied or rejected many previous Catholic doctrines and even questioned the understanding the Church had of some of its dogma’s.

    Many Catholic Mystics have warned that revealed to them from the Mother of God and Our Lord, that we are presently in a massive Apostasy, that God is going to punish the whole world and the “hierarchy of the Church” for their unbelief and Apostasy. But what does the Mother of God know, she should also realize that this is 2012, not 1500 or so, and God has to abandon His old ideas and teacings for what we want now – right.

    In September, 2012, Pope Benedict Beatified an Italian nun, now Blessed Sister Elena Aiello, (1895-1961) a mystic, stigmatic who bore the wounds of Christ and a victim soul, revealed that her visions and messages from heaven and Our Lady declared that in 1960, that the world was worse than before the Great Flood, that whole cities, countries and provinces will be shortly swallowed up in massive earthquakes, that Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and American with her “secret” armies.

    What are our sins, say these mystics: Abortion, homosexuality, pornography, drugs, contraception, divorce, etc, and especially Apostasy of both the hierarchy, priesthood and laity; that God is gong to severely punish the whole world very very soon and over 3/4 of the world will die. All thos who either committed these sins or supported them (such as voting for Obama), there will not be a place for them to hide from the wrath of God. But what do these mystics really know – right. Lets keep on partying, sinning, abandoning the faith, rejecting the traditions and teachins of the Church, lets have more “Clown Masses”, “Pray with Jews, heretics and schismatic’s – which previously was a mortal sin against the Faith” but no more – even the Pope opposes God to His face and laughs at the 2000 years of traditon and the teachings handed down to us by OUr Lord and the Apostles.

    But we must remember – that “Christ” and the “Apostles” lived in the past and must not have considered the future and what “we” want as a religion and doctrine today – now both the Hierarchy of the Church and the laity are fashioning a “New God” and a “New Church” based on “Man” and “Man’s need, desires, pleasure’s and convenience.

    May God have mercy on our souls

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