Vatican Voices: Ralph Martin

(CNS Photo/Paul Haring)

By Greg Watry

VATICAN CITY — In the latest edition of Vatican Voices, Ralph Martin, a professor at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit and an official expert at the Synod on the new evangelization, talks of the legacy of Vatican II and some theological fallacies that he says spread in its wake.

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Vatican Voices: Ralph Martin


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4 Responses

  1. I am not a theologian. but I have read the documents of Vatican II. Dr.Martin’s analysis of the current problems of the Church was thorough . He asserts that the problems listed resulted from errors to be found in the Vatican II documents-a rather bold statement. Unfortunately, as presented by CNS, Dr. Martin failed to connect the modern failures to any specific document. It would be very helpful if Dr. Martin could provide us with a reference to the particular Vatican II documents he feels were responsible for the present errors.Ralph G Conte

  2. I got the feeling he wasn’t blaming the Vatican II documents, but rather the wrong interpretation of those documents that became widely disseminated by liberal theologians and priests acting on their own without official backing by the Church.

  3. To Monica Sawyn:: You are probably right. I would like to hear the “conservative” theologians confirm that they endorse all the documents of Vatican II. Sometimes I feel that the “consrevitives” are jjust continuing the debate that they lost at Vatican II. Ralph G Conte

  4. this mornings Gospel from Luke encourages us to “strive”, the path that leads to eternal life. Last week we heard from Jesus that he wished that the world was all ready on fire “with the Spirit”. Lets us all pray during this year of faith that we build up the body of Christ by our works & show the the world the gifts & fruits of the Holy Spirit to all mankind. Brian R Jablonski

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