Vatican Voices: Cardinal Donald Wuerl

(Paul Haring/CNS)

By Greg Watry

VATICAN CITY — In the first of an occasional series of podcasts, Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl of Washington talks about Catholic higher education and the rise of secularism in the West.

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Vatican Voices: Cardinal Donald Wuerl



For our print story click here: Cardinal Wuerl: Synod strives to turn back ‘tsunami of secularism’

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4 Responses to Vatican Voices: Cardinal Donald Wuerl

  1. Stilbelieve says:

    Our country is on the verge of being destroyed from within and our Church is being attacked by the Democrat Party, and U.S. Bishops and Cardinals are over in Rome 12 days from an election that can save our country, Constitution and our Church’s freedom of religion, talking about “higher education and the rise of secularism in the West?”

    What am I missing here?!

  2. ColinS says:

    @Stillbelieve The Church is taking on all issues all at once, as it always is. Rome has spoken out against voting for pro abortion candidates. There are countless pro life groups out protesting abortion clinics (many of which are led by Priests). The Church is fighting against secularization in its many and varied ugly forms.

  3. Conor McDonagh says:

    What you wont hear coming from Rome is that these guys with the “funny hats” are most responsible for the empty pews on Sunday mornings. They lost their credibility when they covered up for the criminal pedophile priests and bishops.
    Remember Bernie Law being rewarded by the late pope after Law’s crimes in Boston?

  4. Joan L. says:

    You’re not missing anything. The bishops are doing exactly what they need to be doing – going to the root of the problem by calling a synod on the New Evangelization and determining where the church needs to put its focus and its resources. Catholic higher education has to be part of the New Evangelization. Forming the hearts and the intellects of the Catholic faithful about what the church teaches and why that matters has got to be the priority. Only then can we change the broader culture.

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