Six Catholic universities make Forbes top 100 list

Statue of founder on University of Notre Dame campus. (CNS photo)

Forbes magazine has issued its annual U.S. college and university rankings. Six Catholic schools made it into the top 100 out of the 650 schools listed this year.

The colleges listed in the top 100 are University of Notre Dame,  No. 12; Boston College, No. 26; Georgetown University, No. 38; College of the Holy Cross, No. 41; University of Santa Clara, No. 72; and Villanova University,  No. 83.

According to Forbes, the rankings list America’s best undergraduate institutions. The list “focuses on educational outcomes, not reputations.” Forbes also looks at the best bang for the undergraduate buck.

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14 Responses to Six Catholic universities make Forbes top 100 list

  1. michael says:

    Catholic schools are the best

  2. Norm Chouinard says:

    Catholic schools that respect the teaching authority of the bishops and the guidelines of Ex corde Ecclesiae are the best. Sad to say many of these schools do not.

  3. Julie says:

    St. Louis U. & Marquette didn’t make the list. 8~(

  4. Julie says:

    Nor did Loyola or DePaul. 8~(( Two-thirds of the schools named are in the mid-Atlantic on Northeast states. Only 1 West Coast, only 1 Midwest. I wonder what that says…

  5. Julie says:

    And how did they define “educational outcomes” as opposed to reputation? Must go read the article now…

  6. Pancho Robles says:

    The Catholic University I attended many years ago had a Priest as
    President with many clerics on the faculty. In addition, many religious persons incuding seminarians also attended for graduate work. A recent visit to the campus showed many new, imressive buildings, dorms, etc., but no clerics. None. I understand that many once traditional Catholic Universities now are overun by Liberals – with little or no orthodox teachings being offered. That is even worse.

  7. Norm Chouinard says:

    The Cardinal Newman Society addresses the problems and strengths of the Forbes list at their blog:

  8. MJ says:

    That’s fine they were listed as being top colleges. But, as CATHOLIC colleges are they abiding by the Church’s teachings ? I am not too sure about that and, for that reason, I would not put them in the Catholic college category. One of them (not named in Forbes) actually removed their crosses where Obama had to speak because he was offended by them. What a slap in the face to Jesus !

  9. Julie says:

    @Pancho Not quite as nefarious as it seems: There’s simply a priest shortage. Not enough clerics to go around on campuses. They’re more desperately needed in parishes, among the people, administering the sacraments instead of populating university campuses. Who could begrudge priests serving God’s people out in ordinary communities where the priests are most needed?

  10. Julie says:

    @MJ Could you please name the university that removed the crosses?

  11. MJ says:

    Julie, I think it was Georgetown, but not totally sure. I do know that when Obama visited, they were required to cover the crosses where he was making his speech. I recall being appalled and very angry.

  12. MJ says:

    It was either Catholic U. or Georgetown, I think, not positively sure..But, Obama’s people told them they had to cover any crosses or Catholic religious items when Obama made his speech…What does that tell you about him ? Is he a hater ? I would think so.

  13. Norm Chouinard says:

    Definitely Georgetown. Catholic U is a faithful Catholic University cited by the Newman Society’s Guide to Choosing a Catholic College.

  14. Cognita says:

    Finally a list that considered the education outcomes and not the reputation alone for the university evaluation. The presence of catholic schools in top 100 is not surprising owing to their structured education system and disciplined environment, which motivates students to learn to their best of the capabilities.

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