Other news about women religious

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The number of women joining religious orders in England and Wales has almost tripled in the last three years, according to a June 13 article in England’s Catholic Herald newspaper that said 17 women joined religious orders in Britain last year, up from six in 2009.

“Something is definitely happening,” said Father Richard Nesbitt, Westminster diocesan vocations director, when asked if this could be the sign of a revival for women religious in Britain.

Sister Cathy Jones, who works for the National Office for Vocation in London, also said there has been a “significant increase in those thinking of entering religious life.”

Sister Cathy, who took her final vows more than a year ago as a member of the Religious of the Assumption, said there was a record number of women at the Westminster Diocese’s “Come and See” event in February, which gives women the chance to learn more about consecrated life.

She said more than 30 women attended the event , far exceeding the number that would have been drawn to a similar function 20 or 30 years ago.

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