Vatican confirms the butler was part of VatiLeaks

VATICAN CITY — Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi today confirmed what had already been splashed across the press yesterday: that Paolo Gabriele, the pope’s private assistant, has been arrested after private documents were found in his possession.


The pope’s personal assistant, Paolo Gabriele, can be seen in the front seat next to the driver in the popemobile during an April 25 general audience in St. Peter’s Square. (CNS photo/Paul Haring).

The dark-haired assistant can often be seen with the pope sitting in the front seat of the popemobile, next to the driver during the general audiences.

In today’s statement, Father Lombardi said Gabriele was arrested Wednesday evening by Vatican police after they found the illegally obtained documents in his home, which is on Vatican territory. He was still under arrest as of this morning.

The spokesman said Vatican judge Nicola Picardi has completed “the first phase” of a preliminary investigation and Vatican judge Piero Antonio Bonnet has begun the next step of the inquiry.

Gabriele has named two lawyers to represent him during the Vatican investigation and he has already had a chance to meet with them, Father Lombardi said.

The investigation will continue until enough evidence has been collected and then Judge Bonnet will either call Gabriele to stand trial or be acquitted.

To get more background on the story, see more CNS coverage here and here.

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3 Responses to Vatican confirms the butler was part of VatiLeaks

  1. jwill says:

    I am not sure what The Holy Father has to be worried about… I am sure that he has noting to hide
    Indeed I bet that he turns the investigation over to some non insiders to prove that. Perhaps a few lay people or some Sisters. the 3 old Cardinals may be insiders themselves, and may not be able to be as open.

  2. Russ Ganyon says:

    Blame it on the butler , what a setup, how simple do they think believers are? Just another cover up by the leaders of the church. one more nail in the vaticans coffin. first pedophiles, then attacking nuns for wanting to do good , now the utter stupidity of putting the blame on a low level assistant.

  3. Just Sayin says:

    I am praying for the Pope. It is not easy to lead the Church or anything else in these times and I pray for him. Trust in Jesus, everything will be okay. I sometimes think every 12th person is a Judas. I pray for them too. I am tired of the attacks on all Christian leaders. Look carefully at who is attacking and why, they are much much worse than a fallible preacher. And the Pope doesn’t need defending, as he is way smarter than you or me. Go Papa! Let’s see if the news media gives this more than 14 seconds of play, if it does, my above point is proven.

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