Video: Traditionalist leader talks about his movement, Rome

(Update on Wednesday, May 16: CNS STORY: Vatican says reconciliation talks with SSPX still ongoing)

Watch parts of our exclusive interview with Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior general of the Society of St. Pius X, at the society’s headquarters in Menzingen, Switzerland. Bishop Fellay has been at the heart of a drama within the Catholic Church since he was ordained illicitly by the group’s founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, in 1988, protesting the modernizing reforms of the Second Vatican Council. Since 2009, he has been involved in private doctrinal talks with Rome in an effort to overcome the division between his traditionalist society and the Vatican. An announcement is expected by the end of May regarding the outcome of those talks.

More from our interview:

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3 Responses to Video: Traditionalist leader talks about his movement, Rome

  1. Martha Dancy says:

    Yes, I believe the sspx and Rome should get back together now. The church needs to be truly strong and united and those who do not hold onto the basic teachings of the church and yet call themselves Catholic, contribute to the problems of the church. The sspx group can be a great blessing for the church in bringing back sanity and a united front against anti-Catholic liberal attitudes which continues to disrupt the work of the church. The church cannot be an umbrella system for anything goes. That is what the New Age movement is. The church is supposed to be Catholic and truly united in Catholic beliefs. When the sspx unites with the pope, then the church can benefit from the strong faith of the priests in that group. The right wing extremists that also fall out of line with the church will not enter and that is the way it is. We must move forward to unite all faithful Catholics and let the dissidents go their own way. They can always come back later if they have a change of heart. I support Fellay in his efforts to bring his group back into the church.

  2. Ken Harris says:

    For the SSPX to unite with Rome before Rome returns to her Traditions, Doctrines, and Dogmas of Antiquity would be a HUGE MISTAKE-! Bishop Fellay and Benedict XVI have divided minds, each of them longing for a time that no longer exists. The Modernist precepts of Vatican II were a betrayal of the Mystical Body of Christ as certainly as was the “Kiss of Judas” given Our Blessed Lord in the Garden.

  3. James Wright says:

    CNS- Thank you for such a wonderfully done interview. This was fair to the SSPX and uncritical, and for that I applaud your contribution. The cinematography, editing and music were also professionally done. I do think that it will be a wonderful blessing for the Church to have the SSPX working from the inside, helping the Holy Father in the restoration efforts.

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