Video: John XXIII’s secretary, Part 2

Here’s the second in our two-part video series from our interview with the 96-year-old former personal secretary to Blessed John XXIII, Archbishop Loris Capovilla. (In Part 1, if you missed it, the Italian archbishop spoke on the pope’s decision to convene the Second Vatican Council.)

In this segment, Archbishop Capovilla talks about John XXIII’s decision to invite “separated brethren” to attend Vatican II and begin the quest for Christian unity, about devotion to Mary as it relates to Protestants, and about his firsthand knowledge of the third secret of Fatima. You can read more about his comments on Fatima here.

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18 Responses to Video: John XXIII’s secretary, Part 2

  1. It seems that all the Pope’s that concealed the Fatima messages did not have adequate faith in our Lord that they should not reveal the messages to the public!! This is logic much as we don’t like the truth!
    If the Lord through our Lady said to warn His people, then they should have done so AND they should have consecrated Russia to her when iit was supposed to have been done.
    Now we have communism all over the world and in our America too. Don’t be naive when they call themselves democrat or repulican-or anything else, those that embrace an evil will not tell the truth and will conceal their true agenda!!
    It seems that if we look at all the messages after Fatima, however, the faithful will find what we should have been told, IF the Pope’s and Bishops or our faith will let us hear them!!! We must remember and face the fact that we have communists in our clergy -Bishops too! so we may still be held in the dark. However, most of the messages coming from heaven are to pray and fast. Praying is easy if we take the time. But fasting is a harder task to accomplish.
    There is supposed to be a priest, designated by the young visionaries of Mej. to reveal 3 astounding messages soon. God will give us warnings before he cleans the earth. Praying is easy—
    PLEASE GOD HELP US –HAVE MERCY ON US!!!! as many times a day as possible. Think of it often!!
    Give up something you like -or go hungry once a week.

  2. Shelberg says:

    this video is very disturbing.

  3. Windsor says:

    I agree with Shelberg

  4. pasisozi says:

    Isn’t it more fun to believe in gloom, doom, and rumors of boom than to believe that God has everything under control?

    As far as the “conversion of Russia” meaning that Russia will embrace Christianity, Russia embraced Christianity in 988!

  5. supreme conscience says:

    The Consecration of Russia is not done. The world and Russia are decadent. pasisozi is not very intelligent.

  6. Julia says:

    pasisozi :
    Communist Russia was officially atheist and was very hard on believers.

  7. eucharisted says:

    Every time there’s a private revelation, a conspiracy theory has to arise around it. Whether it’s the Fatima secret, the La Salette secret, the Laus messages, the Guadalupe image, or the Lourdes spring, conspiracy theories just arise around them like trees around water about Vatican coverups, Church corruption, pseudo-persecution, falsification, visionaries’ doubles, materialist explanations for miracles, and so on. But I guess some people believe lying is not a mortal sin.

  8. taad says:

    I think the Cardinal is wrong. If the Lord wants his mother more known and respected it is not up to the Cardinal or the pope to stop. One of the very last acts of Christ, “There is your Mother.” Why should we fear offending protestants if Christ himself said “Behold your mother”? It goes against the Gospels not to honor the Mother of Christ. That is why real conversion is not happening as it should.

  9. fats says:

    thisd kinda reminds me of the part in Scripture where it says ( paraphrased) we played our pipes and danced, we sang dirges and morned

    revealing the third secret or not revealing the third secret… no one is happy and the same old tune continues.

    Maybe the real lack of Faith is in the hearts of people that cannot accept the Church and our Leaders ability to tell the Truth. I’ll stick with His Chjurch , as Peter said, where else shall i Go, Lord.

  10. pasisozi says:

    \\pasisozi :
    Communist Russia was officially atheist and was very hard on believers.\\


    The Soviet Union was officially atheist.

    Imperial Russia was officially Orthodox Christian.

    As far as “Russia spreading her errors,” Communism was cooked up by a German Jew living in Great Britain.

  11. RichardC says:

    That was neat.

  12. Supreme Conscience says:


    I am talking about 2012. Right now, abortion, porn, contraception and the ‘disco’ culture is more intense in Russia than ever. There and more abortions per year in Russia in 2012 than in 1985. The US is very impure and so is Europe. Go to any resort on the Costa Del Sol. Or any ‘health’ Spa in any European city. The Consecration of Russia is not done. The Immaculate has not triumphed

  13. Supreme Conscience says:

    Eucharisted, Fatima is not a private revelation. See the Council Of Florence about ‘public prophetic’ revelation. It has been accpeted as public prophetic by 7 – Seven Popes since 1917

  14. weirdpersoninpicture says:

    Supreme Conscience-
    I searched through the Council of Florence and found nothing about “public prophetic” revelation. There does not seem to be any indication that they ever spoke about such a thing. Can you point us to a source or a place in the documents of the council that say such a thing?

  15. weirdpersoninpicture says:

    Supreme Conscience-
    I cannot find anything about ‘public prophetic’ revelation mentioned in the Council of Florence. Could you point out where it is?

  16. weirdpersoninpicture says:

    Ah, I see what the problem is. You are thinking about public revelation(which I still found no mention of in the Council of Florence). Public revelation, by its very definition, is over. There will be no more public revelation. All types of revelation that occur today are private, that is, not binding on the faithful because they do not belong to the deposit of faith. Public revelation ended with Jesus and his apostles. The Catholic Encyclopedia and the Catechism both have good sections on this issue.

  17. eucharisted says:

    Supreme Conscience,

    The Magisterium has declared that all revelations after the New Testament was completed are private revelations – ergo, Fatima is a private revelation regardless of it’s similarity to Public Revelation, which can never be repeated again – hence the Magisterium’s condemnation of the heresy of reincarnationism (women can be reincarnations of Mary, etc.).

    To learn more about Public Revelation and private revelations, check out

  18. Julia says:

    pasisozi :
    The Russian Revolution, which put an end to Imperial Russia, occurred the same year as the apparitions in Fatima. The Soviet Union did not yet exist.

    Later, Communist Russia, as part of the Soviet Union, was always the big dog in the game. From the beginning the Communists, ruling from Moscow, gave religion a hard time. Communism was officially atheistic.
    That doesn’t mean that all the Russians became atheistic, but their Communist rulers certainly were and that’s who needed to be converted.

    By 1917, Karl Marx was long dead and Great Britain was neither Communist nor officially atheist.

    Nobody is insulting the Orthodox.

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