Obama’s support for ‘redefining marriage’ is ‘deeply saddening,’ says USCCB president

President Barack Obama’s support for same-sex marriage — announced yesterday afternoon, a day before a political fundraiser in Hollywood — is “deeply saddening,” said New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. He said that in a Sept. 20, 2011, letter, he had told Obama that the U.S. bishops stood “ready to affirm every positive measure taken” by the president and his administration “to strengthen marriage and family life.”

“However, we cannot be silent in the face of words or actions that would undermine the institution of marriage, the very cornerstone of our society,” the cardinal said.

In Maryland, where voters will decide at the polls in November whether same-sex marriage will be legal as approved by the Legislature, the state Catholic conference said Obama’s statement “does not change anything on the substance of the issue. … For us in Maryland, the vote on marriage has nothing to do with politics.”  The Washington Archdiocese said the word “‘marriage’ describes the exclusive and lifelong union of one man and one woman open to generating and nurturing children. Other unions exist, but they are not marriage.”

On Tuesday in North Carolina voters overwhelmingly rejected legalizing same-sex marriage and civil unions in their state by approving a constitutional amendment that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman.

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11 Responses to Obama’s support for ‘redefining marriage’ is ‘deeply saddening,’ says USCCB president

  1. Duane Lamers says:

    Cardinal Dolan reacted to Obama’s latest sinister move as any Catholic should react. As president of the USCCB, perhaps, Dolan’s words will carry some influence. Perhaps.
    If recent history is an indication, there will be little echoing of Dolan’s words from the rest of the episcopal bench.

  2. Robert M Kraus says:

    the bishops are being outshouted by the likes of Sebelius and Pelosi, two pseudo-catholics if there ever were any. I thought that Obama was a strong person, but I was wrong.

    r m kraus/akron

  3. Erika says:

    IF Gay Marriage is to be “legalized” what does that mean then for all Christian denominations? when it comes to clergy marrying? will they all be forced to “marry” & be forced to not “discriminate”? or will Christian denominations reserve the right to reject & not marry homosexual couples? ….also will this affect all clergy from having the legal right to marry according to Govt. law? or will it be a thing that couples will have to marry legally & separately from church?

    what is the church’s position on Gay couples having civil unions where they would have I guess some similar legal benefits as heterosexual married couples but their unions not be declared “marriages” ? to me it seems like a form of legal marriage they just call it something different in an attempt to appease conservatives?

    In the event this is to take place in the future, what will be the advice & action of the church to us as Catholics, Christian’s & citizens of this country? Is the church prepared at all for worse case senario?

    Do you think its safe to say that if this were to be legalized that then Polygamist’s will then start rallying for rights as well? isn’t it safe to say this just opens a can of worms…..that most ….even Gays will probably not want to see open? but they are blinded? ……& wouldn’t this cause doubt & confusion in the minds of our children in terms of what is right & what is wrong. This just makes me want to send my children to Catholic schooling even more. that way i KNOW what they are being taught out there is reflective to what I am teaching them at home & will lessen the threat of doubt & confusion on God’s morals! This is so scary its not funny! =(

  4. Michael says:

    How sad that 53 percent of Catholics voted for Obama in 2008, despite the obvious red flags about who he really is. Now hopefully they see the ugly truth about this disgraceful man.

  5. jwill says:

    My older Brother is Gay… he and his partner have been together for 25 years. They have 2 children boy and girl that have excelled in school and sports. Both kids are straight, and love their Dads (as do I). They have been together longer then many of my friends and some family members.

    What I do not understand is… In the eyes of the church, no Marriage performed by a Judge, JP, Mayor etc is legit. The church does not recognize those marriages. Why is same sex different? Heck The church does not even recognize Divorce granted by the state. Just like straight marriages… the church should do the same for people like my brother… they should just Ignore Them!

  6. Brian says:

    This is why I advocate that churches should bargain away tax exempt status and return any and all forms of Government patronage.

    We’ll just have to make up the difference with donations or shrink. The alternative is to become the public schools.

    FLatten the tax code, create no marriage advantage in public protocol and let Gay’s “Marry” at the courthouse. Makes no difference to me.

    I won’t respect their “marriage” but I don’t impose my will on them anyway. As a Christian I’m called to love everybody. That doesn’t mean I don’t advocate for what I believe socially or hide from it if asked.

    Imposing social doctine through Government is not conservative and neither is tearing down the foundations of our society, free institutions, and undermining the religious basis written in our founding documents. Fundamental change to that degree minus constitutional amendment is anti-American and gives just cause for well- civil war. (not trying to be inflammatory- but that’s the real risk)

    Just wait though, it won’t be long after religious marriage is degraded before a new milestone is set attacking the sovereignty of families and parents and attacking the relationship of parents and children.

    This Government want’s kids

  7. John Stapleton says:

    Your either in or out! Now is the time to find out who really wants to
    be Catholic versus cafeteria Catholics.Policies in government may change.Dont throw away your chuches teaching and principles
    God Bless.

  8. jim says:

    This is about what kids need, not about what adults want. Marriage has always been to connect men and women and unite them to any children from that union. This IS about social justice. Family structure matters, not only for children now but how we understand the importance, equality, and human dignity of both mother’s and fathers-men and women –for generations to come. Male and male relationships, or female and female relationships, no matter how committed, lack the complimentary qualities with which God our creator has placed upon the union of a man and woman united in marriage. Other relationships fail the test, this is about Dick and Jane and the kids not about Stan and Sam and a “surrogate mother” whose dignity is to be violated along with the child she bears. Kids need and do best with their biological father and biological mother united in marriage. If marriage is re-defined in the courts or by left leaning politicians it will be imposed on ALL. Already we have multiple examples of discrimination against those who have conscientious objection and voice it openly

  9. Brian says:

    Take heart – an add by Catholics

    Catholics called to witness
    Standard youtube warnings


  10. Josh M says:

    Obama is a lawyer. His master and client is the abortion lobby and he has been ordered to take this to court. He never intended to work with the Church. He knew this was going to end in court.

  11. Josh M says:

    He has been put here to take the Church’s only fire wall down. The constitution. Remember that he said that the only problem with the Constitution is that it tells the government what it cannot do. He is here to make this his ultimate piece of history. Like a good lawyer, he does not care that his master is guilty or innocent, he will protect the abortion lobby at all cost.

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