Social media craze Pinterest gets a loftier purpose

Ever since Pinterest, a digital bulletin board, debuted a couple of years ago, individuals, organizations and businesses have found creative ways to show off their wares, wants, services or work.

Pinterest, the latest craze in social media, operates much like a board where users “pin” photos (or text) of what they love and others can see it in a digital collection.

While most people pin clothing or food they like, home goods they want or the latest arts and crafts project they completed, Catholic Relief Services recently found a loftier use.

“We want to pin your prayers,” they wrote on the recently created board.

The board is called  “Pin-A-Prayer.”

CRS is gathering prayer intentions that can be added to the collection by “pinning” a particular prayer to the CRS board or typing “@Catholic Relief Services” in the text of a prayer intention entry by those who use Pinterest.

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  1. catholicmoments says:

    What a terrific use of Pinterest! Thanks — I just pinned my first prayer – quite easy and I appreciate the opportunity to pray with others in this new way!

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