Got an iPhone or iPad? Find your way with IEC 2012 app

Pilgrims to the June 10-17 International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin can download a free app for their iPhone or iPad.

IEC2012 App is now available from iTunes to download on iPhones and iPads.

Dutch Dominican Brother Luuk Dominiek Jansen developed the app  in conjunction with staff of the congress.

In addition to a pilgrim guide, a pastoral resources tool, and news and multimedia feeds, the app offers information on programs in and around the Royal Dublin Society and Dublin’s Croke Park, where the closing Mass will be celebrated.

A statement from conference organizers says the app searches for updates every time it is opened. All of the information is stored in a database to ensure the app can be used offline, when no data network or Wi-Fi is available while traveling.

Pilgrims can download the app from the iTunes story by searching on IEC 2012.

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2 Responses to Got an iPhone or iPad? Find your way with IEC 2012 app

  1. Denise Logue-Meehan says:

    Is there one for an Android Smartphone?

  2. Barb Fraze says:

    As a Droid user, I wondered the same thing. Cannot find that Congress organizers have one, but we will let you know if they do!

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