Obama joins those sending best wishes to pope

Pope Benedict XVI waves to the crowd in St. Peter's Square April 19, 2005, after being announced as the 265th pontiff. (CNS/Nancy Wiechec)

VATICAN CITY — Today was a Vatican holiday marking the seventh anniversary of the election of Pope Benedict XVI. The anniversary comes just three days after his 85th birthday.

The Vatican post office has been busy, busy, busy this week.

Vatican Radio reported today that messages have been arriving from all over the world and have come from the powerful and the meek, individuals and organizations.

U.S. President Barack Obama sent a happy birthday message at the beginning of the week. The president told the pope, “Your work and that of the Catholic Church continues to strengthen our entire human family, especially those who are most vulnerable, and your spirit reflects the love of Christ to so many.”

The president promised to pray for the pope and asked the pope to pray for him.

The anniversary of the pope’s election was marked in a message Secretary of State Hilary Clinton sent on behalf of the president.

Congratulating the pope and wishing him well in his continued ministry, Clinton said, “Pope Benedict has worked tirelessly to unite people of different beliefs through a shared faith in humanity and peace.”

Earlier in the week, the Vatican posted a dedicated email address — auguri.benedettoxvi@vatican.va — that anyone can use to send a birthday and/or anniversary message to the pope.

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3 Responses to Obama joins those sending best wishes to pope

  1. Mark Ino says:

    Are you kidding me? Why would you, Catholic News Service even have an article about Obama. He is destroying our Catholic Faith and you continue to support him. Shame on you. Has the USCCB cleaned house yet?

  2. +Anthony T Farr says:

    Unfortunately, Mr Ino makes a valid point in his comment and that is about your, albeit subtle, support given to those groups that oppose Church teachings. President Obama’s message to the Holy Father is highly hypocritical given what he and his administration are doing with regulations and mandates that have grievious effects against not just the Catholic Faith but the Christian faith of many other believers. I know that you will somehow say that you are just printing the “news” but let’s be real. You could and should be continuously supporting the Holy Father and Bishops and not be giving time to those who do not.

  3. Patrick says:

    Our Savior taught us to care for the poor and those shunned by society. Although Obama doesn’t hue completely to church teachings, much of what he has done is in the spirit of Christ. How can a society where people drive luxury cars, or where people throw out food, allow anyone to live without health care?

    If we want women to choose life over abortion,how can we not provide them with health care? Child care? Quality schools for the education of their children?

    I pray that all may be drawn closer to the spirit of Christ and, in this world of imperfection where no leader follows the teachings of the Church completely, find their way to supporting those whose teachings remind us more of our Lord’s Sermon on the Mount than the rantings of mad men.

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