Shout-out for Catholic colleges and universities

Students attend outdoor Mass at Loyola University in New Orleans. (CNS photo)

Just as high school seniors are making final decisions for college and juniors are starting  (or continuing) their college search, the Association of Catholic Colleges and Univerisites is promoting a video highlighting the distinct benefits of a Catholic college education.

The 9-minute video profiles five recent graduates of Catholic colleges who talk about how their college experience gave them a sense of purpose and enabled them to integrate faith in their daily lives. The association’s member colleges are encouraged to post the video on their websites.

Marina Pastrana Rios, a Boston College graduate, jokes in the video that the Jesuits “ruined” her  — “in a good way” — because her education at the Jesuit-run university made her ask herself: “Does the world really need another CPA?”

Not satisfied with just pursuing a business career, Marina, like other graduates featured in the video, wondered what more she could do for the world.

Now she is program director of the school’s Montserrat Coalition, an initiative that seeks to help students in financial need.

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3 Responses to Shout-out for Catholic colleges and universities

  1. saintpio1 says:

    Go to Cardinal Newman Society and ask about your catholic college. They have a list of the best catholic colleges. Ones which you get not only an academic education but a bit of theology along with your studies and NOT an education to take you away from your faith. Look what Notre Dame is doing!!! Georgetown Univ.! The Pope has issued proclamations to some and taken the name catholic from their name. Choose wisely or the undertow of the devil will take you away from your faith. Franciscan U at Steubenville Oh is one of the best to keep you HOME.

  2. Jim says:

    Because of dissidence to Church teaching and open homosexuality in the religious order which runs the college my son left his “Catholic” college with excellent academics but in moral confusion. He has referred to the Church as “corrupt” and has left it. In terms of his spiritual health he would have been better off attending a secular, state run college. I was aware of moral corruption at the college dating to the 70’s but thought it had been “cleaned up”. I was mistaken. Be sure to check out any prospective “Catholic” college carefully before giving the green light to your precious son or daughter to attend there.

  3. Sean Robertson says:

    Great article. Catholic Colleges are a great place to receive an education. I feel that the standards and moral code those particular academic institutions hold their students to creates a better atmosphere for students.

    When I look at myself compared to my peers, even though my school didn’t have all the “flash” and party reputation as some of the local state schools, I felt I was receiving an education not just for my professional, but for me life.

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