Pope’s chocolate egg heads to prison

By Bridget Kelly

Catholic News Service

Pope Benedict XVI admires his 551-pound chocolate Easter egg before donating it to a youth detention center in Rome. (CNS photo/L'Osservatore Romano via Reuters).

VATICAN CITY — During the pope’s Wednesday general audience in St. Peter’s Square, a chocolate company in Northern Italy gave him a 551-pound chocolate egg. The massive, beautiful egg is hand-decorated and reaches more than seven feet high. The detailed egg not only includes various designs and small pink flowers, but also features the papal coat of arms.

The pope decided to donate the egg to the children living at a Rome detention center, Casal del Marmo Prison for Minors. The pope visited the prison back in 2007, meeting the detainees and giving them his blessing. The youths, including many immigrants and non-Catholics, said they were moved by the fact that a pope would take time to visit them. Before leaving, the pope also told the young people he wished he could stay longer, and promised to keep them in his prayers.

In 1996 the same chocolate company, Tosca, gave Pope John Paul II a 551-pound hand-decorated chocolate egg as well. This year’s egg was designed to initiate cheer, sharing, and to celebrate the Easter season, the company said.

During the Easter season in Italy, many people give chocolate eggs because the egg represents birth, renewal and is a sign of life. Many pastry shops produce grand, hand-decorated chocolate eggs but none are comparable to the company’s nearly three-ton eggs that are 16 1/2 feet tall!

In case you missed it, here is a quick CNS video I did on the chocolate egg tradition in Italy:

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2 Responses to Pope’s chocolate egg heads to prison

  1. saintpio1 says:

    Just so the ” egg” doesn’t get more attention than the fact that Jesus opened the gates of heaven to us. Mankind waited for centuries to have this happen and He did it. But we must always remember He did it opening also the “end times”! We are experiencing what the end times are bringing us -the devil’s reign over the world.
    We must hang on to the fact we can now go to heaven but it takes work!!!

  2. Sabrina Schmidt says:

    The pope is demonstrating what he teaches, the sharing of love and joy. Those children are probably enjoying some really good chocolate. What a wonderful example of what we are as Catholics!

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