Boys of pope’s choir celebrate ‘family day’

By Robert Duncan
Catholic News Service

A teaching moment for a mother and her son who look at Michaelangelo's 'Last Judgment' painting in the Sistine Chapel. (Robert Duncan photos)

VATICAN CITY — I recently tagged along with young members of the Sistine Chapel Choir for a private “family day” tour of the famous Vatican chapel. The boys, aged 8 to 13, came in their everyday clothes and brought their brothers and sisters along for the exclusive walk through the Apostolic Palace.

Inside the Sistine Chapel, the very place where popes are elected, the boys choir gave an impromptu performance for their families, while their younger siblings turned the greater part of the site into a playpen. I even saw one youngster taking his first steps inside!

A young member of the Sistine Chapel Choir takes a picture of Michaelangelo's 'Last Judgment" painting with his iPhone.

The group of about 35 boys are scheduled to go to London later this spring to perform in Westminster Cathedral. This will be the first time the  Sistine Chapel Choir sings in England.

For more information on the boys’ coming trip, click here.

Robert Duncan is a multimedia journalist in the Catholic News Service Rome bureau.

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