The joy of chocolate Easter eggs

By Bridget Kelly
Catholic News Service

ROME — A couple of weeks ago on my way home from class, I passed a young girl who was impatiently tearing open a beautifully wrapped Easter egg. Her eyes instantly lit up as she anxiously bit through the unwrapped chocolate egg.

Soon enough I was able to understand her excitement as I watched her play with a small toy, which was located inside the egg. Fascinated by the young girl’s enthusiasm, I decided to research the history of chocolate Easter eggs in Italy.

Representing birth, renewal and life, eggs have been given as gifts for centuries all over the world. Pastry shops in Italy have transformed this tradition through the use of chocolate. The Valzani Family owns a small pastry shop in Rome, which is famous for their delicious homemade chocolate Easter eggs. Virginia Valzani says the chocolate egg tradition began during the late 19th century in Europe and is still practiced today.

Bridget Kelly is an intern in the CNS Rome bureau while she attends Villanova University’s Rome program.

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  1. Gregorio says:

    Very informative! Now i want some chocolate eggs!

  2. mary jo gazzola says:

    loved it !!! very good Bridget.

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