Washington’s cherry blossoms delightful sign of spring

Cherry blossoms at their peak at Tidal Basin in Washington. (CNS photo/Julie Asher)

It may be a cliche, as routine as spring’s blooms, but it has to be said: Everybody in Washington, no matter their place on the political spectrum, surely can agree on this: The cherry blossoms are a delightful sign of spring in the nation’s capital, and have been so for 100 years. Tokyo gave Washington 3,000 trees in 1912, and many of the originals are still standing. It is a ritual for folks who live here and for tourists who come here to walk around the Tidal Basin and past the Jefferson Memorial taking in the fragile beauty of the blossoms. And fragile they are — last evening a couple of small breezes created a mini-snowfall of petals. In some places the blossoms cascade over the walkway, with their branches bringing them close to the water’s edge. A number of people were enjoying an evening picnic under the canopy of blossoms; several photographers with their cameras and tripods set up and at least a couple of artists equipped with paints, canvas and easel were all at work capturing the beauty of the blossoms.

Cherry blossoms at National Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. (CNS photo/ Julie Asher)

Some may be surpised to learn that these signature cherry blossoms can be found in several places in and around Washington. One place where they are in full bloom and as beautiful as at the Tidal Basin is the grounds of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. A few of the trees also dot the nearby campus of The Catholic University of America. All of the blossoms are at their peak. With rain predicted this weekend, many of the flowers may be gone as many festivities get under way this weekend for the five-week National Cherry Blossom Festival,  so some of us feel lucky to have taken it all in when we did.

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2 Responses to Washington’s cherry blossoms delightful sign of spring

  1. Jim says:

    Get out of here! Everyone knows it is spring and will enjoy the beauty. But in terms of news there are so many more important things happening including the many many rallies in defense of religious liberty which occurred because of hard work and dedication yesterday. Did anyone hear of violence? Of mass arrests and all that? We had 360 people at the steps of the Cathedral in St Cloud MN yesterday including at least 100 kids. No arrests! NO problems. For anyone who is interested the rally is featured in the National Catholic Register.That could be a better place to look if you want some hard news. God bless!

  2. Jeff Hensley says:

    Nice pictures, Julie. Thanks for sharing them on the blog.Beauty is important to share too.

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