New cardinals not all from U.S. (thank God!)

Confession time: We Americans often are accused — and rightly so — of looking primarily at the U.S. angle to a worldwide story and forgetting to see the broader picture. And so it is with this weekend’s creation of 22 new cardinals for the worldwide church. We’re all focused here on the two Americans — Cardinals-designate Timothy M. Dolan and Edwin F. O’Brien — getting red hats from Pope Benedict XVI this Saturday. How many of us can name one of the remaining 20?

Cardinal-designate Collins (CNS/Paul Haring)

Canada, though, is certainly proud of its new entry into the College of Cardinals, Cardinal-designate Thomas C. Collins of Toronto, who will become the 16th Canadian to wear red.

Our colleagues in the Canadian Catholic press are celebrating his elevation with special sections and interviews. Here, for instance, is the launchpad for coverage of the cardinal-designate by The Catholic Register in Toronto. Included is the ability to browse the paper’s 44-page special section on the cardinal.

Our friends at Salt + Light, Canada’s premier Catholic media ministry,  also are celebrating the event with a special series of telecasts from Rome called “The Making of a Cardinal.” The first and second parts are embedded below,  and you can go to Salt + Light’s YouTube channel for the rest as they’re produced.

(Our Rome bureau also interviewed Cardinal-designate Collins on the significance of the red that a cardinal wears; you can watch that here.)

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2 Responses to New cardinals not all from U.S. (thank God!)

  1. Leonard T says:

    Not one from Africa or South America. Disgrace, and 3 or 4 from within the Roman Curia. And they wonder why people are dropping out from active life in the church. A 44 page insert in the Canadian papers? This asn’t a canonization. How much do you think that’s going to cost the people in the pews? And I’m sure there will be thousands of good Catholics who will defend this stuff. What does this have to do with Jesus of Nazareth and the Gospel? Nothing.Nothing at all.

  2. Catholic Seminarian says:

    My good friend, it would certainly have been a good thing had they chosen a couple of cardinals from Africa and South America, but then the place where they are coming from should not be our biggest focus. Let us remember that our Lord Jesus appointed sinners to lead the Church he was going to start and it has been only because of Jesus who willed it so that the Church has endured many crisis over two thousand years, not because of these people’s abilities. These cardinals help continue on the service of the Church as unworthy and sinners as they are just like the apostles were and whether they are from South America or not (I myself am from Mexico though that is not South America as you know) should not matter but instead whether they are able and willing people to fulfill their enormous duties they are about to be embrace as cardinals. May God help them in their new responsibilities. Take care

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