Bishops criticize court ruling on same-sex marriage

Both the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the California Catholic Conference issued statements this afternoon criticizing the federal appeals court ruling  striking down the California ban on same-sex marriage.

The USCCB news release:

WASHINGTON—Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, joins the bishops of California in denouncing the February 7 decision of a federal court rejecting the constitutionality of Proposition 8, a voter-approved  initiative in California that recognizes marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

“Today’s court ruling is a grave injustice, ignoring the reality that marriage is the union of one man and one woman,” Cardinal-designate Dolan said. “The Constitution of the United States most assuredly does not forbid the protection of the perennial meaning of marriage, one of the cornerstones of society. The people of California deserve better. Our nation deserves better. Marriage deserves better.”

The decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the August 4, 2010 decision of a federal district judge who had ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional.

“Our society does not operate in an amoral or value-less vacuum,” said Bishop Salvatore Cordileone of Oakland, chairman of the Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage. “To flourish, it must be infused with moral direction that is grounded in the truth. Of course, the true meaning of marriage, like the gift of human life, is ultimately not subject to a vote or court ruling. But in California, as in every other state where marriage has been put to a vote, the people justly upheld the truth of marriage. How tragic for California, for the nation, and especially for children, that this correctly-informed judgment has now been set aside.”

The California Catholic Conference statement:

We are disappointed by the ruling today by a panel of the Ninth Circuit that would invalidate the action taken by the people of California affirming that marriage unites a woman and a man and any children from their union. However, given the issues involved and the nature of the legal process, it’s always been clear that this case would very likely be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. Marriage between one man and one woman has been—and always will be—the most basic building block of the family and of our society.

In the end, through sound legal reasoning, we believe the court will see this as well and uphold the will of the voters as expressed in Proposition 8. We continue to pray for that positive outcome.

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5 Responses to Bishops criticize court ruling on same-sex marriage

  1. Margaret says:

    I hope the ruling can be over turned. God said Adam and Eve.
    Not Eve and Beatty or Adam and Henry.

  2. Norm Chouinard says:

    Since when does behavior constitute a civil right? No rights are safe in America except the rights of the favored class.

  3. jwill says:

    I have friends driving me crazy here in NJ… They say that the Church does recognize any marriage if performed by a judge etc. so what is the big deal?

    They also said that not only does the church NOT recognize weddings… but divorces also… unless we get married and divorced by the Church… we live in sin

    I do not know what to say to them… it kinda makes sense to me… so I am confused


  4. Fr. Huberto M. Decena, OAR, Manila, Feb 10, 2012 17:00 says:

    America has just signed its own death certificate. Without family there will be no society. You have already advocated birth control, now you want homosexual marriages which negates the command “increase and multiply”.How will you have a future generation of your own race?

  5. James Aist says:

    The advocates of gay marriage want us to believe that gay marriage is the equivalent of straight marriage, but is it, really? Let’s take a look: 1) Sexual relations in straight marriage involve genitals that God designed for each other, whereas sexual relations in gay marriage involve body parts that God designed for vastly different purposes; 2) God approves of and blesses straight marriage, but He doesn’t even recognize gay “marriage” as being legitimate, because it doesn’t meet the requirements of His definition; 3) straight marriage can fulfill God’s primary purpose for sexual intercourse by producing children to “fill the earth”, whereas homosexual “marriage” cannot; and 4) straight married couples have the opportunity to enjoy their eternity in heaven with Jesus without having to repent of their sexual activities (because they are not sinful), whereas unrepentant homosexual “married” couples will not be in heaven with Jesus (1 Corinthians 6:9-10), because their sexual activities are sinful and in need of repentance. Now, I don’t know what your definition of “equivalent” is, but in my definition there is no room for such nonsense! See more at

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