Honoring the ‘Immortal Chaplains’ of World War II

The chaplains were honored with a commemorative stamp in 1948. (Courtesy CatholicHotdish.com)

The editor of The Catholic Spirit in St. Paul, Minn., Joe Towalski, points out that flags are flying at half-staff today in Minnesota to honor the heroic sacrifice of four Army chaplains who died while saving others after their troop transport ship was torpedoed in the North Atlantic 60 years ago during World War II. Towalski notes that we had a story in 2002 on the chaplains’ sacrifice. You can read that story here after you read Towalski’s piece, which also includes links to the Immortal Chaplains Foundation to perpetuate the legacy of the men.

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  1. Tommy says:

    Not from this incident, but here’s another.
    Rev. Joseph Verbis Lafleur was an alumnus of the seminary where I work. They’ve written a book about him, as well, he died a P.O.W. in 1944 on a prison ship.

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