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Enjoying extra day of leap year? Thank Pope Gregory XIII

Every four years we get an extra day thanks in part to Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory XIII. The day compensates for the fact that it takes the earth takes 365.2425 days to circle the sun instead of the cut-and-dried 365. … Continue reading

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Details emerge about last summer’s attack on WYD Madrid website

VATICAN CITY — Reporters covering World Youth Day in Madrid last August and pilgrims attending the event knew the organization’s website was having trouble with hackers, but the seriousness of the attack and the ideology behind it are making news … Continue reading

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Rome’s ‘Master of the Sacred Palace’

By Robert Duncan Catholic News Service ROME — Last year I produced a profile of Dominican Father Wojciech Giertych, theologian of the papal household, for the Dominican Province of St. Joseph. As theologian of the papal household, he is the … Continue reading

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Top movies, family films for 2011. Are your Oscar favorites here?

Editor’s Note: As you prepare for this Sunday’s Academy Awards telecast, take a look at John Mulderig’s choices, reprinted below, for 2011’s top movies. And at the end you’ll find a bonus listing of the year’s top 10 family films. By … Continue reading

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A big day for lovers of Latin

Few know that today is the 50th anniversary of the promulgation of Pope John XXIII’s apostolic constitution “Veterum Sapientia” on the promotion of the study of Latin. Watch the video below posted today by our Rome bureau on how one group of … Continue reading

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Canonization Mass in October will bring seven new saints

VATICAN CITY — Like Pope Paul VI and Blessed John Paul II often did, Pope Benedict XVI will mark World Mission Sunday in October by creating new saints. In the United States and Canada, many people are aware that the … Continue reading

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Pope, new cardinals concelebrate Mass

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI and the 22 new cardinals he created yesterday concelebrated Mass this morning in St. Peter’s Basilica. The pope used Bernini’s sculpture of the Chair of St. Peter to illustrate his homily since the Mass … Continue reading

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