More tributes to Cardinal John P. Foley

(CNS/Nancy Phelan Wiechec)

Here are some other links to remembrances and tributes to Cardinal John P. Foley, who died yesterday at age 76.

Other remembrances of Cardinal Foley can be found on this tribute page on the website of The Catholic Standard & Times, where the cardinal worked as a reporter, assistant editor and editor before being called to Rome.

And read our story posted earlier today on what the pope and other current and former Vatican officials had to say about the passing of Cardinal Foley.

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1 Response to More tributes to Cardinal John P. Foley

  1. HermitTalker APO'B says:

    Eternal rest to +John P. A precious gift from Philadelphia to the global Church.One whose holiness and goodness reflected abundantly more that the sins of the few whose sinful deeds sadly will be recorded more than his as always happens.

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